September 18, 2008

Olga Kouklaki's Getalife

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A Greek girl turned Parisian, Olga Kouklaki keeps a super chic four-on-the-floor bass for mellow foot tapping and head bobbing beat. Her sound is an eerie house; she’s chill and chilly, mysterious, disinterested and straight from the runway. The title track, “Getalife,” and “Right Shot” give a spread of her spacey ambiance, cool electronic beeps and industrial sound complete with lyrics to make any guy feel crumby. “Before the Night Ends,” which features wreathing with breathing, tension and tech sounds, smoothes out once the totally sick bass line kicks in: “You can take me higher and make me scream and make me scream and make me smile.” “Pick up your pieces” is surprising: she seems to be wanting her man back (presumably after shattering him). It starts with a dark, fuzzed, yet warm piano, later spinning in a few record-reversals — perhaps something sublime, but definitely something sexy.