October 17, 2008

Golf Extends Fall Season Extra Week

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The golf team elected to prolong its fall season by a week, scheduling a tri-meet with Binghamton and St. Bonaventure this weekend. The one-round competition will be hosted by Cornell at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course on Sunday. The meet will serve as a final chance for the Red to sharpen its game and gain some momentum before the long winter offseason.
“We’d really like to go out and play well,” said sophomore Dan Bosse. “Especially being at home, it’d be great to build some momentum heading into the winter. The last few tournaments we’ve stumbled a bit, we just want to go out and get some confidence back.”
“It’s a great opportunity to get rid of frustrations from not playing well,” added junior Robert Cronheim. “We want to win. We’re playing at home; we’ve got to win. Let’s put it that way.”
The Red players have continued to work tirelessly in practice to improve on any weaknesses in their games. Cronheim adamantly stressed the importance of eliminating the big mistakes in each round.
“I just want to minimize the damage,” said Cronheim. “Minimize the mistakes. Out of the hundreds of holes I’ve played this season, I was terrible on 11 of them. You can deal with the small mistakes, but the big mistakes will always really hurt you. As one of my role models [Ben Hogan] used to say, ‘a double bogey is one swing mistake and one mental mistake.’ That’s something you have to cut down on.”
Although the past few tournaments have not boasted the final results the Red had hoped for, the week-to-week approach is remaining consistent. Switching up the routine or approach is not something the team or their coach feels is necessary.[img_assist|nid=32734|title=Bagger Vance|desc=The golf team will get another chance to play its own course.|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]
“[Head coach Matt Baughan] has kept the same outlook tournament to tournament,” Bosse said. “It may not be a big event, but it’s still important.”
Binghamton and St. Bonaventure will be familiar competition for the Red. Last weekend at the Big Five Invitational in Philadelphia, the Red finished 19 strokes behind Binghamton. It finished eight strokes ahead of St. Bonaventure at the Navy Invitational over a month ago. Ultimately, the main goal for the Red is to go out, play well and finish the fall portion of their season with a sense of confidence and momentum.
“We just want to go out and play well,” Bosse said. “Hopefully we’ll have a good outcome. We’re expecting close competition, we just want to go out and play well and get our confidence back.”