October 23, 2008

Woman Struck by Wrestling Weight in Stable Condition

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The woman who was struck by a rubber plate dropped by the wrestling team is reported to be in stable condition. Joanna Luks, a senior lecturer in French, was walking down the Baker Staircase when three members of the wrestling team accidentally dropped a rubber plate they were using for a routine exercise on Libe Slope. The rubber plate rolled across West Ave. and struck Luks as she was descending the staircase.
She sustained extensive injuries including a fractured skull, broken ribs, pierced lungs, pneumothorax and a broken jaw. She was airlifted to Arnott Ogden Medical Center in Elmira after the incident, where she underwent surgeries for her injuries. She was then moved to Cayuga Medical Center. According to Simeon Moss ’73, director of Cornell press relations, her injuries are healing properly.
It is not known whether any legal action will be undertaken at this time.
“Our main concern is still with her health,” Moss said.
As a result of this incident, the wrestling team dropped the routine from their regular exercise regimen.
Luks’ family stated she is not receiving visitors or phone calls at this time, but that they appreciate the emotional support people have given her.
Luks is credited with establishing a course for TA development with the Department of Romance Studies and was awarded a grant by the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning in Fall 2004.
Luks is currently the coordinator for the introductory levels of French 121 and 122, according to the Department of Romance Studies’ website. The website indicated she has recently taught French 121 and 122 along with ROMS 507: Methodology of Romance Language Learning and Teaching and ROMS 508: Practicum for Graduate Students New to Teaching French 121.
An administrator in the Department of Romance Studies said, “She is someone we really love a lot and we’re sad she’s been hurt. We look forward to having her back when she heals.”