February 17, 2009

Ithaca Fine Arts Update: Exhibitionists: A guide to art around town

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• The Blue Tape Show: Tjaden Experimental Gallery, Tjaden Hall; through 2/20; closing reception 2/20 at 7 p.m.
Blue tape is no longer for house painters alone; this week, fine arts majors teamed up to explore the finer side of that sticky stuff in “The Blue Tape Show.” Currently up in the experimental gallery in Tjaden is an exhibition unlike typical shows: there are no gilt frames, mounted photos or sculptures. Rather it is a seemingly ad-hoc, in situ exploration of space and surface. The interior of the room is covered in stripe-y patterns of blue tape — over 50 rolls were used, no joke. To find out what the shelves of the Cornell Store were cleaned out for, check out the exhibition before Friday.
• Art Made Money Made Art; Tjaden Gallery, Tjaden Hall; through 2/20
For those of us tempted by glossy images of beautiful things in magazines, Art Made Money Made Art is an exhibit of lithographs and paintings by two fine arts majors. Yujin Lee ’09, a printmaker, created lithographs of Korean currency, enlarged many times and collaged over one another — their abstraction gives a new meaning to the “color of money.” The paintings by Eugina Song ’09 of highly stylized cosmetics on display question ideas of perfection, luxury and beauty. The highlight of this show: a shadow box lined in mirror that reflects ad infinitum empty Clinique boxes inside — the by-products of costly vanity.
• Presenting the Past: Hartell Gallery, Sibley Hall; through 2/27
The exhibition features recent works by Peter Eisenman ’55, who’s stopping by Ithaca this week for a Thursday lecture and some celebrity appearances in AAP classes. The Frank H. T. Rhodes Class of ’56 Professor, world-renowned for his deconstructivist style, is noted for his attempts to free design from the constraints of meaning. Stop by the gallery and see if you can tell what that means.
• Fine Edge: 9 Intaglio Artists: The Ink Shop Prtinaking Center; through 2/28
At the Ink Shop, located at 330 E. State St., practice meet exhibition, with professional printing facilities available to artists sharing room with a rotating series of exhibitions. For “Fine Edge,” nine artists have experimented with intaglio, or etching, by carving images into plates and impressing the images upon different mediums. You’ll be impressed, too.