February 19, 2009

Student Assembly Sees Influx of Candidates for Spring Election

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With 43 confirmed candidates running for 19 available seats, the upcoming Student Assembly election will be the most competitive since 2006, the S.A. announced in a statement yesterday.
There are 20 candidates running for four undergraduate at large seats — two of those four seats are reserved for the president and executive vice-president. Seven candidate pairs are running for those two seats.
The candidates for the Hotel School seat and Human Ecology seat are running unopposed. There are no candidates running for the College of Architecture, Art and Planning and Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Questioning seat.
Prior to this spring, the S.A. president and executive vice president had been indirectly elected by the representatives on the S.A. However, after an S.A. charter change and election rule change, the undergraduate students will now have an opportunity to directly vote for a tandem to serve as president and executive vice president.
In its statement, the S.A. said that the upcoming year would be especially challenging, with issues like the the Student Activity Fee by-line funding process, a review of the number of student groups, the safety of the gorges and campus, responses to the economic crisis and sustainable initiatives on campus.
Electronic voting will begin at 8 a.m. on Mar. 3 and end at 10 a.m. on Mar. 5. The S.A. will host a candidate forum next Tuesday at 5 p.m. in the Art Gallery of the Straight.

Presidential and Executive Vice-Presidential Candidates
1) Chris Basil ’10 and Nikki Junewicz ’10
2) Scott Purdy ’10 and Emlyn Diakow ’11
3) Jeff Rehberger ’10 and Ruslan Godnyy ’10
4) Murtza Fire Manzure ’11 and Jon Dobrin ’11
5) Rammy Salem ’10 and Ola Williams ’10
6) Andrew Brokman ’11 and Andy Gindy ’11
7) Tony Miller ’10 and Emily Cusick ’12