February 26, 2009

Men’s, Women’s Tennis Travels To Syracuse, S. Carolina, Georgia

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The women’s tennis team will head north to Syracuse to face the Orangemen this Friday. The team has been riding a three-game skid, but Syracuse will be a much harder test than any of the teams the Red has faced so far. The men will also be traveling, competing in S.C. and Ga. Syracuse opened its 2009 season with six-straight wins, taking its first lost this past week against Iowa. The team beat Buffalo in solid fashion, 5-2, a team that recently took down the Red in a close contest. The Red will need a new sense of game if it intends to inflict damage against Syracuse.[img_assist|nid=35580|title=Across the net|desc=Sophomore Jeremy Feldman gauges an incoming shot during the men’s match against Binghamton on Feb. 11. Feldman and the men will be heading south this Friday.|link=node|align=right|width=|height=0]
Tennis, however, is a game where absolutely anything can happen. Matches can change from game to game, point to point, and if the Red have any intention of doing well at Syracuse it will need to take advantage of any and all opportunities. The team may not be as deep as the Orangemen, but with some quality play at the right points in the match, the Red may be able to turn around its losing streak.
The men’s team will spend the weekend down south, heading to S.C. for two matches before meeting tennis powerhouse Georgia State. The Red has a split record going into the weekend, winning its last match against St. John’s. This weekend’s matches should be good for the team, as it builds towards the Ivy season, which begins in one month.