April 14, 2009

Golf Finishes Last at Invite

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For months I have been waiting to get back to my roots: sunscreen, shorts and sandals. Unfortunately, the weather of the East Coast is not quite ready to allow my pale feet to be seen in public or to be kind to the struggling Cornell golf team. The Red finished last in a field of 14 at the weather-shortened Princeton Invitational in Princeton, N.J., over the weekend. The field consisted of several Ancient Eight opponents including Yale, Penn, Columbia, Princeton and Harvard, thereby giving the Red a chance to see where it stands among the competitive Ivy League. [img_assist|nid=36834|title=Nice hat|desc=Junior Rob Cronheim led the Red at the Princeton Invitational, which was shortened due to bad weather.|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]
The Red had finished the first 18 holes within striking distance of the top of the field, but a poor showing in the final 18 (only 36 holes were played due to bad weather) dropped the team to the back of the pack. Junior Rob Cronheim led the Red, followed by Dan Bosse, Alex Simson, Larry Heymont and Ben Myer. Cronheim was the only Cornell golfer to improve his score as the weather deteriorated.
“The weather was a pretty big factor,” said Bosse, who also had to deal with an injury to his right forearm. “But it was like that for everybody. I personally never played in anything like that. Temperature in the 30s, wind constantly between 30 and 40 miles per hour. As much as you don’t want to, you have to [continue] to play in those conditions. After this past tournament, I think a lot of the guys had a real big wakeup call, and I think we will intensify practice and prepare as well as we can.”
Every golfer shot a score in the 80s, which, according to Bosse is “unheard of.” With Ivy League postseason looming in the distance, the Red hopes to hone in on its strengths and start playing to its potential.
“Everyone just kind of played poorly at the same time,” Heymont said. “We had a chance after the first round to make a move, make something happen. We were pretty disappointed with the way we played on Sunday. We are a much better team than the way we are playing right now. It was incredibly embarrassing. Everyone needs to play their own games. Everyone has specific talents, some guys are great ball strikers, others are really good putters. Personally, I think guys need to start focusing on their strengths as we approach the Ivies.”