July 19, 2009

Red Letter Daze: Overheard at Cornell

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Cost of Sleep
: I fall asleep every day. I don’t know why I even go to class.
Boy: Because we’re paying, like, a hundred bucks an hour…
Girl: Yah, so I guess they’re really expensive naps.
— Central Campus

MRS. Degree via ABC
Girl 1
: I’m so excited — the season finale of The Bachelor is on Monday.
Girl 2: I like The Bachelor … but I wish I could be on The Bachelorette … imagine just having 25 gorgeous guys to choose from.
Girl 1: Yeah, but most of them would probably be stupid. Ew.
Girl 2: Well, I’d tell the producers that I only wanted wealthy, Ivy-league-educated guys … as long as they weren’t losers from Harvard or Princeton.
Girl 1: True. I’d even take a stupid guy over one from either of those places … pretentious nerds.

Hogwarts University
Drunk Freshman Boy
: If we were in Harry Potter I would hold your hand and we’d apparate somewhere, and then I’d leave you there and apparate somewhere else because I’d be a fifth year and I could do shit like that.

— Donlon Circle

These are excerpts from articles in Red Letter Daze. Red Letter Daze is the weekend magazine supplement to The Sun.