September 9, 2009

"Forcible Touching Incident" in Collegetown

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If you’re a current member of Cornell’s community, you probably received a CU Crime Alert Email Monday night regarding a “forcible touching incident.” If not, I’ve pasted it below:

“Cornell University Police has been advised that the Ithaca Police Department is investigating a reported forcible touching incident that occurred sometime this past weekend (Sept. 5-6) in the approximate area of the 300 block of College Avenue. The incident was reported to the Cornell University Police Monday afternoon, Sept. 7. The details of the incident are still being investigated, and suspect information is still being developed.”

What the alert is referencing is that a female student was sexually assaulted on Saturday in Collegetown. So far, had facts have been somewhat scarce, and rumors are abounding. Regardless, it is important that people stay safe. The 300 block is right in the middle of Collegetown, where there is typically alot of activity, not some sketchy place. Like the CU alert says:

“Cornell Police reminds people to lock their windows and doors at all times, to be aware of their surroundings at night, to avoid darkened and secluded areas and to walk in groups.”

Stay safe.