February 9, 2010

New On The Shelves

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Lunch in Paris

By Elizabeth Bard

Similar to the plot of “Eat, Love & Pray,” This non-fiction story follows Bard as she falls in love and marries a man in France and finds some recipes along the way. Release: 02/01/10

Point Omega

By Don DeLillo

A quick novel that unearths the “defense intellectual,” an architect, Richard Elster, of the U.S. war machine. Release: 02/02/10


By S.M. Plokhy

Harvard Scholar S.M. Plokhy scoures through Russian literature & other accounts to deflect the claim that FDR gave out too much information at Yalta. Release: 02/04/10

Flip the Funnel

By Joseph Jaffe

Author of the best selling book “Life After the 30-Second Spot” and “Join the Conversation” is back with lessons learned over the year 2009 with tips on how to survive the rough economic situation. Release: 02/11/10

Original Author: Allie Miller