February 28, 2010

Blog Watch: New and Undiscovered

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We Are The Fallen

“Bury Me Alive”

We Are The Fallen is a new band formed by three members of Evanescence and fronted by American idol alum Carly Smithson. Although no one can possibly replace Amy Lee, Carly Smithson does a surprisingly good job. “Bury Me Alive” sounds exactly like an Evanescence track, meaning that it’s very good. Although the song isn’t groundbreaking, it should satisfy fans of Evanescence who have waited for more than three years for new material. It also has a great instrumental outro that concludes the track on a high note.


“She Is”

Britten was an Itunes discovery of mine around New Years, when it was under “Pop To Look Out For in 2010.” I admit the only reason he caught my attention was that his name sounded like “Britain,” but soon I found out he had great material and a fresh sound. Britten’s musical style is an interesting mixture of Jason Mraz and synthpop. “She Is” is a highlight of his regrettably small catalogue, with includes a pleasant groove and catchy melody. Check out his EP “Six Strings and a Drum Machine,” in particular “Real One” and the 80s-tinged “Trouble.”

Dan Black


“HYPNTZ” is a genius song. Combining the drum pattern of Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” the melody of Biggie’s “Hypnotize” and the theme music from the film “Starman,” Dan Black has created a modern “Bittersweet Symphony.” Unfortunately, rights to “Hypnotize” have prevented the official release of this song. Instead, the melody was extracted, the lyrics edited and the title changed to “Symphonies.” Furthermore, Kid Cudi has also been added to the track. However, the “it” has also lost its magic in the process. “Symphonies” is still a great song and will make Black a success if it catches on, but it does not compare to the original. First give “HYPNTZ” a listen, get hooked, then avoid “Symphonies” until Black breaks into the mainstream.

Original Author: Matt Samet