March 28, 2010

SciPreview: The Beetle, the Bull, and the Burger

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How is the Walt Disney Company shaping modern agriculture? Why might the “hole-y cow” prefer the confines of a barn to a wide-open field? And what is “anthropomorphism” anyway? Representatives from the animal science department, the crop and soils department and the Cornell University Dairy Science Club dissect the issues surround dairy livestock treatment. What’s black and white and red all over? Why do Yale researchers know? And might it change “Jurassic Park” forever? New research from Yale University reveals a new image of dinosaurs. What’s large, fast and cheap? How does it add to your waistline? And why do major food franchises refuse to change it? Visiting Prof. Marion Nestle, nutrition, food science and public health, New York University, describes the need for a revolution in the food industry. Pick-up the Wednesday, March 31 edition of The Cornell Daily Sun, and check-out your science section to answer these and other questions. Plus, the science section profiles Prof. Cole Gilbert, entomology, in this week’s profile of The Scientist. Gilbert studied the predatory tiger beetle, only to find that, whilst on the hunt, the beetle goes blind. His research provides new insight into visual perception for all organisms.

Original Author: A. Drew Muscente