March 30, 2010

Sex Rehab is for Celebrity Losers (Who Won Big With Their Marriages)

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Two weeks ago In Touch Magazine shocked readers when they released their exclusive interview with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee — a heavily tattooed woman who claimed to be having an illicit affair with Jesse James. Sandra Bullock had just recently praised Jesse, her husband of nearly 5 years, saying “I finally have a man who has my back.” Sandy had been flying high in 2010, having won a Best Actress Oscar for her work in The Blind Side (and a Razzie for All About Steve) and then it all came crashing down.

Sandra Bullock was becoming America’s Sweetheart. And while America’s Sweetheart didn’t exactly have the traditional arm candy that most leading ladies have, she did seem to have melted bad boy Jesse James’ heart. Or so we thought. But now four (oh wait, a fifth since I started writing this post) women have come forward (or had Gloria Allred speak on their behalf) saying they had an affair with Jesse. Sound familiar?

Sandra found out the news from her publicist, who had been alerted by the magazine. She moved out of her home with Jesse immediately and pulled out of a London premiere. That move instantly solidified the validity of the story.

Now Jesse James has become the newest Tiger Woods — and is following in another one of his famous footsteps — going to sex rehab.

The newest trend in Hollywood isn’t a hot purse, a designer or a fad diet — it’s cheating on your drop dead gorgeous wife and then claiming it was all because you had a sex addiction. Some, like Eric Benét, even basically admit to the “addiction” being merely a media move to cover their ass and save their marriage. In 2008 he said “Going to that therapy, for me, was an attempt to save my marriage. If you’ve been unfaithful in a relationship, or your marriage, you’re considered a sex addict now. I never really agreed with that philosophy.”

Jesse James is using sex rehab for just that — he is allegedly using his treatment as a way to beg Sandra Bullock to stay with him. It seems to have worked for Tiger Woods and David Duchovny. Why wouldn’t it work for Jesse?

It seems like Sandra probably will not take him back. She was always all-around better, classier and more successful than him — so why would she put up with his crap? Jesse James should not be able to hide his stripper-loving behind in sex rehab. He should have to deal with this like most people; he should admit to being selfish and philandering and accept the consequences of his actions — Sandra leaving him.

After Tiger Woods I had hoped that maybe the men of Hollywood — certainly not all men in general — would have learned their lesson. Secrets ALWAYS come out. Especially when you are dealing with famewhores who are desperate to be on the cover of magazines as they struggle to make it in the world of tattooed modeling. As soon as you wrong these women they become eager to ruin their once famous celebrity sex partners lives — not unlike all women in general. They have unbelievable leverage. They also clearly have been aware of the story they could sell from the get-go — why else would Bombshell McGee have saved text messages from months ago?

Cheating is wrong. It is not an isolated incident in Hollywood, but these powerful men are the ones in the spotlight; taking advantage of eager women, desperate for a chance to bed a famous man. While I don’t believe there is any chance that cheating will be fully eradicated, women like Sandra, who are the “settlers” should leave their husbands who don’t deserve them. Especially when their husbands (Tiger and Jesse) put them in actual danger by having unprotected sex with downright dirty girls. Because that’s just gross.

They deserve better and if you’re reading this and can even slightly relate to Sandra (maybe without the whole In Touch magazine incident) you deserve better too.

Original Author: Cara Sprunk