April 7, 2010


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The weather may be inconsistent in Ithaca, but here at Red Letter Daze, we have continued to stay steady in our promise to bring you new and interesting content.

This week’s main feature introduces the work of two writers who are new to Daze, Laura Shepard ’12 and Ben Bissante ’12. On pages six and eight, their ROTC feature goes in-depth to discuss the history and daily training at Cornell’s branch of the nationwide military officer training organization. Most importantly, it spotlights the hard work done by some of our fellow students and future soilders.

Gone are the poorly drawn stick figures by Allie (who claims that she does possess artistic skills … just not when it comes to drawing) and in their place is the work of former Arts — and Daze Editor — Sammy Perlmutter ‘10. check out his cartoon and submit your best caption ideas to [email protected]

We are also re-introducing Club Profiles a column featured that has been featured in past issues of Red Letter Daze. Club Profile spotlights one of the more than 300 clubs here at Cornell. Our first spotlight is on Cornell Underwater Autonomous Vechiles (CUAUV). While some of us only wish we could have a real motorized vehicle to drive around campus, this group actually specializes in building autonomous vehicles to use underwater. (Would it be too much to ask them to build us a car for spotlighting them?)

Once again, we urge you to follow us on our Twitter page and become a fan of Red Letter Daze on Facebook. We want to hear your feedback so we can continue to introduce features and columns that are what you- the reader- actually want to read. Any thoughts you have on the section will always be taken into consideration. We can also be reached at [email protected]. With only four more weeks of classes left, we wish you luck in keeping your heads in the books and out of the sun. (That shouldn’t be a problem since the weather won’t stay hot here. Ever.)

Original Author: Allie Miller