April 14, 2010

Like a Bear in a Head Shop

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In anticipation of one of the most popular collegiate holidays, Daze explores the local head shops that serve as some of Ithaca’s prime pre-4/20 shopping destinations. Also, a new Cornell Diaries, an in-depth look at the Big Red Bear and tons more!

Although it’s a few days early, we here at Daze have decided to begin our annual 4/20 festivities. The feature this week is an article we’d been planning for some time — and one we’re excited to share with you. Jeff Stein ’13 explores Ithaca’s head shops in a fun article beginning on page 6. (Check on the tasty-looking picture on the bottom of the first page of this feature.) In our equally playful second feature, Laura Shepard ’12 delves into the people behind the Big Red Bear — and the life under the costume.

This week — at last — our first cartoon caption contest results are in, and the winning caption appears below the cartoon at right, under the work of former Arts and Entertainment Editor Sammy Perlmutter ’10. For next week’s caption contest, go to the Red Letter Daze website starting today and check out Sammy’s next cartoon, then send your best caption submissions to [email protected] As today is the Federal Income Tax deadline, in 10 on 10 we decided to interview a behavioral economist. This week’s Cornell Diaries features what is arguably our most famed member of the Cornell student body yet — a Student Assembly member. (Admittedly they’re not exactly “famous” — we meant that in a more relative sense.)

Once again, we urge you to follow us on our Twitter page and become a fan of Red Letter Daze on Facebook. We want to hear your feedback so we can continue to introduce features and columns that are what you — the reader — actually want to read. Any thoughts you have on the section will always be taken into consideration. We can also be reached at [email protected] As we near the end of classes and begin to enter into the season for hardcore partying, we encourage you to kick it and spark one up. Actually, no we don’t encourage that last bit; that would be inviting a LOT of complaint letters. But if you happen to do that and enjoy it, we’ll gladly take the credit.

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Allie Miller

Original Author: Allie Miller