May 5, 2010

Slope Day Salutations

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We made it! It’s finally the end of the year and we here at Red Letter Daze can’t wait to lather up on sun screen and lay on the beach. That’s a lie — we’re off to do internships and continue to be over-worked and under-paid (but at least the weather will be consistently nice).

In honor of the biggest party of the year (Slope Day!), our main feature for this week is on the history of Slope Day. Daze Staff Writer Ben Bissantz ’11 takes a look back at the good, the bad and the intoxicated from Slope Day’s past.

Also in this week’s final spring issue of Daze is a feature on blogging at Cornell by Sun Senior Writer Munier Salem ’10.

Although we won’t be publishing another print issue until the next semester, we’ll still be publishing content online — including Allie’s weekly horoscopes! Make sure to check the website for updates when you’re at your internship (or relaxing on the beach, if you’re lucker than us).

We also urge you to follow us on our Twitter page and become a fan of Red Letter Daze on Facebook to get notified about when our summertime stories will be out. Or, send us a message when you come up with any ideas you would like to see in next semester’s issue. We can always be reached at [email protected] For now, we leave you to enjoy Drake, drinking and most of all, the sun.

No longer DAZEd and Confused,

Keri Blakinger

Allie Miller

Original Author: Allie Miller