September 6, 2010

Letter to the Editor: Fraternity Leaders Back Self-Goverance

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To the Editor:

Re: “University Cracks Down on Drinking in Greek System,” News, Aug. 25

We, the chapter presidents of the fraternities on Cornell’s campus, are alarmed at the proposed seizure of one of our cornerstones: self-governance. We realize that the system under which we operate has many flaws. There is no doubt that we can improve and move forward to make the processes of recruitment and new member education safer and more enriching to new students who choose to join the system. We acknowledge that our right to decide how these processes should be regulated is fundamental to our very purpose and existence, citing furthermore that real leadership is not developed by implementing a plan handed down by another authority. Rather than mandate non-negotiable, sweeping changes be put into effect with no consideration for student input, let the Greek community partner with the administration in order to come up with a set of challenging, but achievable goals that can improve the experience and target some of the areas we need to reform, such as alcohol abuse and antiquated, uncreative recruitment and new member processes. This sense of partnership and compromise — where students are welcomed to the decision-making table — has proven successful again and again in the past (elimination of hard alcohol, crackdown on hazing, cleaning up of Slope Day, etc.,) and is the best method for continued success. It is in fact the only way to preserve the dignity, integrity, and successful partnership that has been our priority for nearly one and a half centuries.

Justin Burden ’12, ACACIA presidentMax Weisz ’11, Alpha Delta Phi presidentMatthew Lerner ’12, Alpha Epsilon Pi presidentBenjamin Stamp ’11, Alpha Gamma Rho presidentDoug Jones ’12, Alpha Sigma Phi presidentSean Gelbwaks ’12, Alpha Tau Omega presidentMarlene van Es ’11, Alpha Zeta presidentErik Andrew Foraker ’11, Chi Phi presidentConnor Bruns ’11, Chi Psi presidentCraig Mason ’12, Delta Chi presidentMichael Dalton ’12, Delta Kappa Epsilon presidentMichael De Lucia ’12, Delta Phi presidentIsaiah Einzig ’12, Delta Upsilon presidentTyler St. Pierre’12, Lambda Chi Alpha presidentEric Vina ’12, Phi Delta Theta presidentRyan Lett ’11, Phi Gamma Delta presidentMatthew Kearney ’11, Phi Kappa Psi presidentJason Lustig ’11, Phi Kappa Tau presidentDan Satnick ’12, Phi Sigma Kappa presidentIvi Demi ’12, Pi Kappa Phi presidentAndrew Barnell ’11, Psi Upsilon presidentJordan Smith ’11, Seal & Serpent presidentEric Barnum ’12, Sigma Alpha Epsilon presidentJan Bialostok ’12, Sigma Alpha Mu presidentMichael Santandreu ’11, Sigma Chi presidentMichael Spooner ’12, Sigma Nu presidentEvan Caruso ’11, Sigma Phi Epsilon presidentRohan Siddhanti ’12, Sigma Pi presidentSteven Wald ’12, Tau Epsilon Phi presidentChristopher Nieves ’11, Theta Delta Chi presidentZachary Schwake ’11, Theta Kappa Epsilon presidentAlan Garcia ’12, Zeta Beta Tau presidentMatthew Riemer ’12, Zeta Psi president