September 9, 2010

Test Spins: The Weepies

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Almost a decade ago, Deb Talan and Steve Tannen began recording what they thought would be nothing more than a side project. Both were solo musicians in their own right, but the pair had forged a deep musical connection by the time they completed Happiness, The Weepies debut album.

Nine years and two albums later, The Weepies have become a stalwart of the indie music scene. Their songs have been featured on Greek, Life Unexpected, One Tree Hill and a myriad of other television series.

On a more personal note, Talan and Tannen married each other in 2005. Then, shortly after the release of their third album in 2008, they became parents.

The personal stuff is worth noting, because it seeps its way into their music on Be My Thrill. Unlike their previous albums, which featured a nice mix of upbeat and more depressing material, Be My Thrill is almost entirely unabashedly happy material.

“I Was Made For Sunny Days” finds Talan singing about love and sunny days. It’s sugary, but the harmonies provided by Colbie Caillat help elevate the track. “Be My Thrill” and “Be My Honeypie” are slotted next to one another in track listing, and for good reason. Essentially, “Be My Thrill” is a love letter from Talan to Tannen, while “Be My Honeypie” is a love letter from Tannen to Talan. Of the two, “Be My Honeypie” is the superior track.

On “Not A Lullaby” the duo play with the conventional lullaby melody. It is the album’s most subdued track, but remains beautiful in its simplicity. “Not A Lullaby” is then followed by Be My Thrill’s most experimental song, “How Do You Get High.” The song is a rebel rousing track that the couple cut loose on.

“Add My Effort” will definitely find its way onto a TV show this fall, and rightfully so. It’s Tannen’s real chance to shine on an album where Talan sings lead more often. Her shining moment is the wholly addicting “Hard to Please.” But, that’s not to say this album has weak links because, it doesn’t.


Original Author: Wesley Ambrecht