September 12, 2010

Lost without Lost

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Though it might not take you until January to realize it, Lost has reached it’s end and cannot be found (yikes, too cheesy?). Were the 6 seasons of past, future and parrallel time sequences, love rhombuses and infinite new plot lines worth the hour I put aside every week to forgo HW or leave the apartment? I think so.  Otherwise, that mushy gushy ending did a pretty good job of making me forget all that was left unanswered. Jeff Rubin of College Humor does a pretty good job of pointing out what was never revealed by JJ Abrams and crew ( Yet once again, the happy ending had me saying “Pablo and Isabella who?” Though I wish I found out why woman had trouble giving birth on the island, how Mikhail survived multiple deaths, and why Widmore hated Desmond so much (come on Brotha!), the thing I will truly miss most is delving into other’s theories and trying to piece together what the heck is going on.

So what did I really think about the last episode? To be honest, it’s been almost 4 months since 5/23 (yes I’ve memorized Jack’s numbers – who hasn’t?) I couldn’t give you a play by play but I do want to put it out there, my intuition of glory: I TOTALLY predicted that Jack was the one and that the series last moments would be of Jack closing his beautiful eye. Not gonna lie, I was pretty proud of myself that I had it right all along and did not waiver in my beliefs either. I was also paid a visit by the smoke monster that night (see picture below – thanks camera phone!). NBD. I refuse to believe that it was a result of an impending storm.  But all in all, the 2 and half hours (really 2 with all of those commercial breaks) was great. I didn’t even feel sad or empty when there was no preview for next week (can’t say the same for the last episode of The O.C.). The ending felt complete (minus all the questions I would soon realize were left unanswered).

Now that the show has reached its end and I have exhausted all conversation with my usual Lost watching party, I’m constantly looking to discuss it with fans I might not have encountered yet. (Some might call them the others). What have I found? I’m having trouble finding people who stuck it out the full six seasons. I mean, can you blame them? If a devoted fan like my self can’t even keep up, how in the world would someone be able to understand how and why (spoiler alert!) Locke was still walking around, after being choked to death by Ben. There were after all those wonderful hour-long recaps that would be shown at miscellaneous points in the season.  However, I think those were about as helpful as an empty canteen in the desert. If I have to watch the opening scenes of season 1 one more time, while listening to an omniscient narrator recap the crews predicament as if we were in middle school, I might have to pull a smoke monster on their a**.

Oddly enough, I haven’t found my self to be too upset that Lost is finally over. I still need to re-watch seasons 1,2,3,5,6 (no one cares about 4), which is a pretty hefty endeavor. Maybe once I complete that feat it’ll set in. But until then, I’m looking forward to getting confused over and over again until I’m truly Lost. Okay, I promise I’ll stop with the puns, now.

Original Author: Ariella Weintraub