September 27, 2010

Letter to the Editor: The Glories of a Taco

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To the Editor:

Re: “Fish Tacos for All” Opinion, Sept. 23

Once upon a time I served as editor-in-chief of The Sun (1942-43), so it wasn’t unexpected that my good friend Harry Petchesky ’59 would toss over my e-transom Kate C.’s column of 23 September.The headline, “Fish Tacos for All,” capped a few hundred words on the glories of oral sex.There was a war and no petrol in the Forties, but sex still murmured mostly low before, during and after the sun faded far away in the crimson of the west. Yet I venture that in that place in that day not more than three Cornell souls had ever experienced the glories of a taco.

Miller Harris ’43, former Sun editor in chief