November 18, 2010

Survivor Recap: Too Proud To Scramble

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Coming back after tribal council, Benry, Dan and Fabio are shocked at the sudden ousting of their leader, Marty. Just as they begin to feel powerless to the wrath of Brenda and Sash, a silver lining looms in the distance. Holly and Jane feel that Brenda is becoming too arrogant with all of the power that she has, and that she is a huge threat. I definitely agree, she has controlled the last couple of Tribal Councils and is EXCELLENT in physical challenges!!At the Reward Challenge, Libertad was split into two groups of five people, who had to cross the beach using just four barrels, two planks and 10 feet of rope, without touching the sand. The blue team consisted of Chase, Jane, NaOnka, Fabio and Purple Kelly, while the yellow team consisted of Brenda, Sash, Dan, Holly and Benry. The challenge was not even close because the yellow team could not come up with a solid strategy on how to cross. Because of Chase’s leadership in the challenge, THE BLUE TEAM WON REWARD!!To celebrate their win, the Blue Team won the reward of a helicopter ride to the Sierra Negra where they went volcano surfing and then enjoyed a spread consisting of pizza, brownies and banana bread. Sounds like a nice reward to me! While eating lunch, NaOnka took Fabio aside to bring him up to speed on the plan to oust Brenda. This is pretty ironic in my eyes because isn’t NaOnka always yelling at Fabio for something…? Crazy relationship they have.But when the Blue Team got back to Libertad, Chase spilled the beans to Brenda and told her all about NaOnka and Holly’s master plan to get her out. This PISSED off most of the tribe and basically shunned him. He is not really playing a smart game at all and is only playing with his heart that is infatuated with Brenda for some reason.At the Immunity Challenge, the tribemates stood on a small platform over water while leaning back and holding a rope. After every five minutes, they would have to move their hands further down the rope. Not surprisingly, Dan, Sash and Purple Kelly fall fast due to bad knees, twig arms and overall un-athleticism, respectively. It came down to Chase and Jane, the North Carolina ex-lovers. Even though it seemed like that she was about to fall off, Jane held on to WIN IMMUNITY!! I am honestly shocked at how strong this woman is, and I give her MAJOR PROPS for being such a physical threat.Back at Libertad, Tribal Council is looming in the background, making many people scramble around. Chase and NaOnka both tried to influence Sash to work with them, in that Chase tried to convince him to vote out Benry and NaOnka tried to talk him into making a POWER MOVE and blindsiding Brenda. Even though NaOnka was not able to convince Chase of her plan, she convinced many others and it seems eminent that Brenda is the main target. But, even knowing this, Brenda arrogantly states that, “The last thing I want to do is start scrambling. It just shows that you’re desperate.”At tribal, Brenda calls out NaOnka for being extremely unfaithful. NaOnka of course denies everything [as usual] and blames it on the only person who has been honest to Brenda, who is Chase. Also, Purple Kelly gets asked a question [for possibly the first time] and she comes up with one of the most convoluted answers in the history of Survivor.. not really related, but it was FUNNY AS HELL.Well… maybe Brenda should have started scrambling when she could because…BRENDA IS THE 11TH PERSON VOTED OUT OF SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA AND THE 3RD MEMBER OF THE JURY!!

Original Author: Michael Verini