January 19, 2011

Test Spins: The Script

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In March 2009, Dublin-born band The Script released their self-titled debut album here in the U.S. Unfortunately the album’s first two singles didn’t immediately strike a chord with American audiences; it took another year for the album to gain traction on this side of the pond. During that year, The Script made an appearance on 90210, wrote American Idol winner Kris Allen’s first single and toured across the country.

All of their hard work paid off when “Breakeven” became a radio smash in May 2010, eventually becoming the 27th biggest hit of the year. Looking to build off of that momentum, The Script released their sophomore album Science & Faith earlier this week.

Science & Faith essentially picks up where the group’s debut left off. It’s littered with radio friendly pop rock numbers and driven by the sheer force of lead singer Danny O’Donaghue’s voice. His ability to switch from rhythmic verses to soulful choruses seamlessly is the band’s biggest asset.

Science & Faith isn’t a bad album; it’s just an incredibly repetitive one, retreading the notion of love and loss over and over making it less than the sum of its parts. That is to say, the songs hold up better when listened to individually; particularly “Exit Wounds,” “Nothing” and “Long Gone And Moved On.”

Exclusive to the U.S. version of Science & Faith are a remix of “Walk Away” featuring B.o.B and “Bullet From A Gun.” The latter adds little to the album, but the former is a welcomed change of pace. Though The Script and B.o.B may seem like an illogical paring on paper, they complement each quite nicely.


Original Author: Wesley Ambrecht