January 25, 2011

Equestrian Squad Looks For New Team Members

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As the spring semester starts up again, the equestrian team has more to think about than just readjusting after a month’s vacation. They are holding tryouts, or open rides, for some new members today.

The team is looking to fill a few spots because some of its players have gone abroad. Coach Mitchell put a list out to some riders that have either tried out in the past or have shown interest in the team. There are riders trying out that range from freshmen to seniors.

Even though some of these riders may have shown interest in the past, coach Mitchell reveals that he is not exactly sure what to expect at tryouts today.

“I’m going at it with an open mind,” Mitchell said. “I’m not really sure. I know some of the people that have tried out in the past and are looking to give it a chance to get back into the team. I haven’t seen a lot of them perform and I am interested to see how they have improved. It should be an interesting day.”

Senior co-captain Kelsey Craig shares her coach’s enthusiasm for the tryout today.

“We are really excited for the tryouts and we are looking forward to seeing what kind of talent we have coming,” Craig said.

When asked about what he was looking for as he commences tryouts, coach Mitchell explained that there is not a single mold he is trying to fit.

“I’m not committing myself to a specific number,” Mitchell said. “One of the biggest things for us is that all of our key spots are already satisfied. My team now has filled all the key spots, so we are looking for some supplemental players, riders that are looking to get started and get a foot in the door for next year. [The new riders will be able] to use this as a springboard for the future.”

Craig explains that it is important for all the spots on the roster to be filled.

“Because of the demanding nature of the team, with the extra hours required in terms of chores and horse maintenance, we really do need to carry a full roster, which is about 30 girls,” Craig said.

There is one trait that coach Mitchell is looking for in his new team members, though.

“I am looking to fill spots with young ladies of good team building,” said Mitchell. “We need girls that are team players on and off the horse.”

Senior co-captain Georgina Melbye added what other characteristics she thinks are important in their new team members.

“We want someone who would be a good edition to the team personality wise,” said Melbye. “We’re a hard working bunch.”

Original Author: Dani Abada