January 25, 2011

Greek Recap: Ward, I’m Worried About the Beaver

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This episode of Greek focused on one character that seemed to be missing for the past couple of episodes. I’m actually really happy with the writers for finally bringing back the Beaver! But, overall, the episode was lackluster, and it really didn’t seem to have a plot, but I actually didn’t mind that.

Greek started off with Beaver in bed, talking to his mother and ending the conversation with, “I am the star of my life; I deserve to be center stage.”

The Beaver (whose actually name is Walter) continues to struggles with his classes. He realizes that he might actually have to work since his copied essays from the Kappa Tau house are of no use (every single member of the football team has already turned them in). While going to the ZBZ house, Beaver runs into Catherine, falling suddenly in love with the “pretty lady”.

The ZBZ’s are busy training their new pledges with Rebecca as president. Ashley stands nearby and helps, so she can add Rebecca as her reference for her job employers. I’m not really sure she’s doing the smart thing, but in any case, drama ensues when Evan also enters the ZBZ house.

We all know that Evan and Beaver never had the friendliest relationship, partly because they are from opposing houses, but mainly because Rebecca slept with Beaver while going out with Evan. You can imagine the insecurities and the threat Evan must be under. The minute he enters the house, he is appalled that Beaver is there.  Meanwhile, Evan also lets Rebecca know that he might not be able to make it to the ZBZ function at night because he has law school work. Any other person would find that as an acceptable excuse, but leave it to Rebecca to become whiny and want Evan all for herself.

Meanwhile, both the Cartwrights seem to struggle. Rusty works on his science project that keeps breaking. Casey has tons of case studies to do for her law school.  Both need help. Rusty finds it via Ashley, who tries to jazz up his research project. Casey finds help in the hands of Beaver, who offers to get her copies of the case summaries if she can help him write the essay.

This episode also focuses on the tensions between Cappie and Evan. Cappie and Beaver sit outside while Evan walks up to Beaver, telling him to back off of Rebecca. As usual, Cappie involves himself, and somehow, he gets into a confrontation with Evan. Evan, being all grown up and in law school, simply backs away coldly.

Ashley senses trouble brewing elsewhere when she asks Dana, Rusty’s girlfriend, about some minor details for Rusty’s project. In the end, Dana mentions that it is imperative that her name is put down as co-inventor. Sneaky!

We all knew that the Cappie and Evan’s relationship was going to take a turn for the worse. Rebecca goes to the Kappa Tau house, looking for Beaver. Instead, she runs into Cappie. She tells him that she needs a date to the ZBZ function for that night. Cappie realizes that she is on another road towards self-sabotage that involves getting a rise out of Evan. Cappie is in.

While all this is going on, Casey and Beaver are on a mission to find a guy named Dave, who may have extra copies of the case summaries for Casey. They end up going to a P.O. box area, where they discover that the football team itself would be the best place to find Dave. Once they go there, Beaver and Casey find out that Dave actually works at Rio, a club near CRU. On their trip, they run into Catherine, and Beaver invites Catherine to go out with her.

Rusty and Dana are ready to present their project. However Rusty already knows (thanks to Ashley) that Dana tried to put herself as co-inventor. They fight about this before, during and after the presentation. Ultimately, they break up, and Ashley realizes that she may actually have feelings for Rusty, as in, romantic feelings.

At the ZBZ house, after Evan finds out about Rebecca’s date, he ends up at the ZBZ function. Rebecca and Cappie are happy that he showed up. Rebecca lets Cappie know that she isn’t all too keen on depending on Evan for happiness and that she is trying to get his attention. All she wants is reassurance that she is still important to him. However, Rebecca doesn’t expect a full out physical brawl to break out. Clearly, Evan and Cappie may never be able to be friends, no matter how much the rest of us want them to be.

At the nightclub, Beaver and Casey discover that Dave is none other than Heath. This was a particularly disappointing find since the build-up wasn’t that strong, and of all people, Heath? Just too much confusion.  However, Beaver and Catherine seem to hit it off.

Evan and Rebecca meet up after the party, and realize their tiff was stupid. Rebecca lets Evan know that she really likes him and wants him in her life.  Evan tries to comfort her, but Rebecca still seems worried.

After a rather eventful night, Beaver and Casey sit down and share a heart to heart. First off, Casey finally has a study mate since Catherine confesses that she is behind in the case studies. Beaver also finds out that Casey’s essay was the one he turned in so he is screwed either way. He concludes that, for the “children,” he must watch the movie and write his essay. Casey finally asks him, why he kept saying “for the children.” Beaver confesses that he is studying to become a kindergarten teacher and is doing all this for them. We really did find out a lot about Beaver.  We also finds out that Beaver is actually really insightful. He tells Casey that the reason Cappie and Evan still get into fights is because of her. Neither of them are over are since she is the girl they fell in love with. He leaves Casey pondering. However, he wakes up next to Catherine the next morning, and as turns out, they did the dirty! Oh Beaver! Insert dirty Leave It to Beaver jokes here.

Overall, this episode was a solid B.  The focus on Beaver was a nice change, but not much else was accomplished. Rusty and Dana finally broke up, and we got more insight into the relationship between Rusty and Ashley. I loved the Evan and Cappie confrontations, but I didn’t care too much about Rebecca’s insecurities. I want things for her to go smoothly … for once. Casey’s school dilemma and realization that the love triangle between her, Evan and Cappie would never end, made her a more likable and pivotal character in this episode.

However, I missed Dale and Calvin! I want more Omega Chi and Kappa Tau drama. I hope Greek can deliver stronger episodes!

Original Author: Aishini Thiyagarajan