February 14, 2011

Gossip Girl Recap: Single Awareness Day Party

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Every time I watch this show, I question: why do I watch it at all? And then I tell myself to shut up and keep watching because it’s so ridiculous that I just can’t help but watch. And that’s exactly how I felt during this week’s episode.

Blair gets really involved in her work to make up for her lack of a love-life. She tells Serena that she doesn’t think Chuck and Raina are legit, but she told Raina all that bull because she’s got C’s back. Uh oh! And Serena and Ben are sitting out Valentine’s Day because they’re a ‘new couple’ …. Blah, blah, blah. Ahhhhh-nnoying. But whatever! B and S decide to make a friends’ v-day! (Can I come?)

Chuck wants to prove to Russell Thorpe that the Bass name is worth a lot so that he can run Bass Industries. So, he decides to throw an extravagant Valentine’s Day party.

Blair has to do a special it-girl interview for W Magazine, and so, she decides on Raina Thorpe, who owes her a favor. She’ll have to follow her on Valentine’s Day, which Blair doesn’t think is a problem because Chuck and Raina aren’t a real couple. Except, oops – they are.

Dan got Ben a job with his old catering company, which Ben is embarrassed to tell Serena about. So instead, they both come to the conclusion that he’s tutoring … because every parent wants their child tutored by an ex-con! Ben tells Dan to give his article to Epperly’s replacement at W: Blair. Oops. When Dan goes to drop it off, she’s still piss-y about how he got her fired, even though he then got her rehired. Whatever. Get over it, B. Dan will just find you at the Valentine party and harass you to pass on the article!

Nate’s dad stops by Chuck’s place and tells him that Russell is planning on selling Bass Industries, even though it’s worth more whole. Why does Russell hate Bart so much that he’d rather lose out on money than allow his legacy to continue? Our trusty friend Chuck is here to solve that question! Apparently, Lily had left Russell for Bart. LOLZ. DRAMZ. Chuck tells Russell that, if Lily is an obstacle, he’ll get rid of her

Serena tells Raina that Blair still has feelings for Chuck so it might be too hard for her to see Chuck and Raina all love-y dove-y at the party. Basically, Serena wants Raina to pass up on the piece in W. So, Raina cancels on Blair. Bad call, S. If there’s one thing B’s good at, it’s screwing with people who screw with her.

Blair gets the call and snoops to find out that it was her beloved S that had gotten Raina to turn down W! Uh oh. She then convinces Serena to go to Chuck’s party instead of staying in, and she calls the catering company to get Ben to work Chuck’s event. Ahhh, scheming again B! How I love it.

And now for the Single Awareness Day Party! Apparently, it’s a big success, and Russell is very impressed … Blah, blah, blah … all is going well for Chuck. Except in GG Land, nothing stays good for long!

Chuck and Raina go upstairs for some romance. Lily interrupts them to confront Chuck about getting her kicked off the board. They fight, and Raina leaves. Apparently, family is super important to her, and now she’s being a piss-y little bitch about Chuck betraying Lily. Not your family. Stay out of it. But yeah, maybe she’ll go away! (Ever notice that I hate nearly every character?) Russell then reveals to Chuck that he’s fucking him over anyways! Now, he doesn’t have his company, his family or his girl! Haha … sucks. Except he’s cute, so I feel bad. sadface.

Blair is a bitch, and interviews Serena. She uses the interview as a major excuse to fuck with Ben and S, expose their lies to each other and embarrass the crap out of both. Yeah. Love. Ben storms off, leaving B and S to fight it out. S tries to explain that she was trying to protect B from getting hurt. Blair then goes to find Chuck to make him tell Serena that he’s using Raina … except he’s not. This is about to get awkkkkk.

Dan follows Blair as she storms off to try and get her to read his article.

The two of them overhear Chuck and Raina, and they find out it wasn’t a game and that Chuck had feelings for Raina. But, Raina’s done with him. Good. Now go away. Your voice is annoying.

Blair is sad because Chuck isn’t pining away for her. Dan comforts her.

Blair then apologizes to Serena, who then goes to meet with Ben and make up. The two of them are then good, and kiss some more. Yuck. I officially decided they suck and annoy me. I’m done with this relationship arc.

Blair and Dan then talk over the phone. She reveals that she had read his article and thought it was good. AND she had passed it on to Vanity Fair! Apparently, she’s not a HUGE bitch all the time! Love. Her. They then watch Rosemary’s Baby together over the phone, which is kind of sweet … but still kind of annoying.

Chuck, Nate and Papa Nate drink their pains away. While drinking, Nate’s dad gives Chuck the keycard to Thorpe’s office and the passwords to all his important shit. Teehee. Shit’s about to get real.

The episode ends with Damien confronting Eric in an alley. He’s pissed because Dan and Nate fucked with his drug-dealing, and now, he’s coming after the van der Woodsens. He threatens to expose what Lily did in regards to Ben if Eric doesn’t do what he says.

Ooooh. Dramz. Can’t wait! xoxo Gossip Girl.

Original Author: Alyssa Leventhal