February 22, 2011

Love the lineage

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To the Editor:

Re: “Deconstructing Lineages,” Opinion, Feb. 21

As sorority women, we were appalled to find false accusations against the Greek system presented as if they were fact. To simplify big/little selection as based on attractiveness and the opinions of fraternity boys cheapens the strong bonds between a big and a little.

As bigs, we can explain our selection process. Throughout the new member period, potential bigs are matched with different potential littles to get to know the new members. Bigs then pick their littles based on who they have the best connection with, not who is the most attractive. Additionally, big-little matching is a mutual selection process. Littles do not care what their big looks like and do not know who else will be in their lineage when they select a big. Appearance does not factor into the equation.

The author posits that the pride of a lineage is only celebrated during big/little week. What the author does not know is that with each lineage, a history of women exists, with its own meanings, name and traditions. Being in a lineage does not stop at big/little week.

The author insinuated that frat brothers may date an entire lineage. That has no basis in fact. The author either does not know or does not appreciate the bond that a lineage has. Such a betrayal of trust and friendship is just unacceptable toward your best friend.

The author’s “opinion” article presented his beliefs as fact. For an uninformed male student to claim that little selection is based on looks propagates the assumption that the only thing sorority women are interested in is sex. This is simply not accurate, and we find it horrendous that the Sun would print such blatantly false stereotypes.

Emma Carlsson ’12 and Emily Bitar ’12