February 24, 2011

Post-Collegiate Angst at Its Finest

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After graduating from Oberlin College with a degree in film theory, Aura decides to move back to her mother’s apartment in Tribeca for an indeterminable period of soul searching, job-hunting and uncomfortable sexual encounters. Already a (very) minor Youtube celebrity (350 hits), Aura has nowhere to go but down. With her ex-boyfriend having moved back to Colorado to build a tree shrine to his ancestors, Aura finds herself emotionally isolated. She often wanders around her house aimlessly and has to deal with the passive-aggressive insults of her sister and mother — both successful artists — as she struggles to hold her $11 an hour job as a “day hostess” at a café. While very privileged, she is seemingly qualified to do nothing more but be dryly witty, appear to be on the verge of tears at all moments, and get used by equally lost, but even less sincere, men. Suffice to say, she is pretty mopey.

Original Author: Alex Bankoff