August 23, 2011

New Ag Quad Buildings House Relocated Profs

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Two temporary buildings have been erected in the Ag Quad to house development sociology faculty as renovations to Warren Hall continue. University planner Mina Amundsen said that the buildings are meant to be provisional and will remain only until the renovation of Warren Hall is completed.Amundsen added that while the two temporary structures have taken the place of the parking lot in the Ag Quad, a garage below the new Human Ecology Building will remedy this problem. University Architect Gilbert Delgado said that although the structures are temporary, efforts were made to ensure that the buildings blended into the quad as best as possible. “If you take a look at [the structures], they are not the run of the mill temporary buildings,”  Delgado said. “They are painted the same color as the surrounding buildings. Even though they are temporary, we tried to make them compatible with the surrounding eight buildings.”

Original Author: Alyson Warhit