September 7, 2011

#nowplaying: Devon Quinn

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The Sun: What are you listening to?

Devon Quinn: “You Never Know” by Wilco, and “Looking at the Sky” by Huey Mack.

Sun: Ooh Wilco, a Chicago band! What’s your favorite album by them?

D.Q.: The first album I ever heard by them is probably the best one, and that would be Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. And then I got Sky Blue Sky, but lately I have really been enjoying stuff off one of their more recent album Wilco (The Album), which is what “You Never Know” is off of.

Sun: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is some heavy stuff – all about heartbreak. Have you dealt with heartbreak?

D.Q.: Oh, so much heartbreak [laughs]!

Sun: Huey Mack is on a totally different end of the spectrum – could you tell us a little about that song?

D.Q.: My brother is a super bro, and he is really into, like, bro-y party jams that he likes to lift to and stuff like that. He got me hooked on this free download site,, which has the whole Freshman 15 album from Huey Mack. It’s mad goofy, but it is catchy and really fun to drive to in the summer or work out to.

Sun: Would you say that your personality is a mix of Wilco and Huey Mack – thoughtful and somber, yet also loves to party and bro out?

D.Q.: I think that is a great description of me as a person actually, but you’d have to ask my friends what they really think. Maybe every bro has a little Wilco in them.

Sun: Wise words, thanks Devon.