September 7, 2011

Top Fair Weather Food

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This period of sunshine and warmth is a rare and treasured time in Ithaca, so take advantage of the beautiful weather and indulge in some great food while you’re at it!

Ho Plaza Farmers MarketIf it’s too far for you to travel downtown to the weekend Ithaca Farmers’ market, then you will be very excited to hear that the farmers market is coming to you! Every Thursday until October 20, Cornell will be hosting a cozy farmer’s market with a variety of local vendors. Pop by Ho Plaza to grab a quick lunch at Xeo’s, a Vietnamese stall that makes bahn mi — a traditional Vietnamese sandwich — from locally grown ingredients, pick up your share of freshly grown fruits and vegetables from the student-run Dilmun Hill Organic Farm, or cool off with a refreshing smoothie. So take a break from the books, head outside and soak up the sun and show your support for the local community!Froyo at Culture ShockThe froyo at Culture Shock in the commons is unlike any other frozen yogurt I’ve ever had. Made from grass-fed organic milk, yogurt, and organic evaporated cane juice, Culture Shock’s frozen dairy treats are rich creamy and tart — and healthier too! There is an interesting selection of fruity froyo flavors like banana berry tart, vegan PB&J and peaches and cream. Feeling adventurous? Skip the traditional granola or chocolate chip and top off your froyo swirls with crunchy bee pollen, coconut or pumpkin seeds!Pick-Your-Own-ProduceDuring the appropriate harvest season, round up a group of friends and spent a weekend picking your own apples, peaches, berries, tomatoes and any other seasonal produce that the many ‘pick-your-own-produce’ farms around the area offer. There really is nothing like eating freshly picked strawberries off the vine, or taking a bite out of a crisp red apple that you have carefully hand-picked. For U-pick farms in close proximity to campus, try The Little Orchards or Kestrel Perch Berries! Sugar Shack Snow BallsSome of us are more familiar with the names snow cones or shaved ice, but at Sugar Shack, these summer delights are called snowballs. This pop-up stall is diminutive, but its bright colors grab your attention as you drive up East State Street. Boast­ing over 25 flavored syrups, the Sugar Shack never lacks juicy combinations for thirsty patrons to try. Douse your refreshing shaved ice delights in classic flavors like strawberry, watermelon and cherry, or  adventurous and try their egg custard, coconut, or pina colada syrups. Give it a try while you can, because this heaven-sent pop up store is only open while the warm weather lasts!

Original Author: Ethel Hoon