September 17, 2011

Arts Around Town: Week of September 18

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Gabriel Iglesias, State Theater, Friday Night, 8 p.m. The fluffy Mexican-American comedian will be motoring into Ithaca on Friday night to give the State Theater a dose of his hilarious antics and diverse sound effects. Hopefully Iglesias’s tour, in Las Vegas this past weekend, has added to his repertoire of bizarre stories. Iglesias was once pulled over by a cop in the desert between L.A. and Pheonix for doing 100 in a race against two “hoochies.” While the cop was writing the hoochies a ticket, Iglesias popped in his “Bad Boys 2” C.D. and put on the theme song from the show Cops. The cop described the ploy the “funniest damn traffic stop I’ve ever been a part of.” Iglesias adopts many different perspectives in his stories and has a range of corresponding impersonations. He is most well known for his “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy” bit, and has gained widespread attention for appearances on Conan, The Tonight Show, and Comedy Central’s release of Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Not Fat, I’m Fluffy. His new television show is set to start this fall.

Castaways Lineup. Friday Night 8 p.m. Castaways has organized a lineup for what’s sure to be a very dynamic show this upcoming Friday night. SophistaFunk, a group from Syracuse, will lead off the show. SophistaFunk blends hip-hop, funk and jazz into a theme that tears up the dancefloor, according to ChicagoJamScene. Their cover of Outkast’s “So Fresh So Clean” demonstrates all of their influences in one song. Beat the Grid, an experimental rock group from Ithaca, will follow SophistaFunk. Beat The Grid is composed of 10 members, bringing a range of instruments together into a stream of Afro-Cuban rythms and American minimalism, according to their website. Their song “Bossa del Sol” is a relaxing, happy expression of what they mean by this. The tune is calm, cheerful and easy to listen to, but complex in its instrumental layers as well. Roots Collider, a drum and base group from Rochester, will close. Roots Collider combines dubstep, electro-rock and future funk into what Castaways describes as one of “the last analogue defenses of the digital 21st century.” You’ll have to listen yourself to decipher what is meant by this, but in short, it ought to be an enjoyable experience.

Face to Face, All Week at the Johnson Museum. Artists throughout the ages have used a variety of mediums in portraiture. Face to Face, an exhibition at the Johnson Museum that closes in October, chronicles portraiture as a practice of art from the Ancient Egyptians through German expressionism. The collectors, who are lending their art to the Johnson for the show’s duration, are interested in the brain’s association with the face. This association has ulimately manifested in different ways during different artistic movements. The selection of portraits in Face to Face clue the viewer into the similar and different interpretations of the face in different time periods.

Other Events/Features On and Around Campus Throughout the Week

Bestiality Lecture, Kroch Library, Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. Annetta Alexandridis, professor of Classical Art and Archaeology, will be lecturing on bestiality, a controversial but continuous subject throughout western history. Alexandridis will focus on Greek myth in her lecture.

Magic Trip. A chronicle of the beginning of the Psychedelic movement of the 1960s. Playing at Cornell Cinema, Friday and Saturday Night, various times.

The Man Who Fell to Earth. The 1970s classic starring David Bowie. Cornell Cinema, Friday and Saturday.