October 26, 2011

Hinchey and Lifton Endorse Myrick ’09 for Mayor

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This week, Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-N.Y.) and New York State Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton (D-125th) endorsed the candidacy of Svante Myrick ’09 in the race for City of Ithaca Mayor.

Myrick’s campaign manager, Fil Eden ’10, said that the endorsements show that “Svante will be a effective advocate for Ithaca in both Albany and Washington.”

Hinchey said in a press release that he chose to endorse Myrick because he felt Myrick represented key democratic values — defending the middle class and respecting working people.

“[Myrick] believes, as I do, that government needs to invest in our future, needs to be forward-looking and needs to lend a hand-up to all members of our community,” Hinchey said, also citing the need for progressive effective leaders at every level of government.

Myrick said that Hinchey is “one of [his] heroes,” and that he hopes “to live up to his model of consistent compassion and a willingness to fight against all odds for what is right, just and equitable.”

Lifton, who said in a press release that she has known Myrick for a number of years, called him “a dedicated and hard working public servant.”

“[I] am consistently impressed by his thoughtfulness and commitment. His progressive values, new energy and fresh ideas will serve Ithaca well,” she said.

Lifton and Myrick also noted that they had both taken similar stances against hydrofracking, which will make it possible for the two to “forge a strong alliance dedicated to the protection and prosperity of the city we both love,” Myrick said.

Original Author: Liz Camuti