November 28, 2011

University Closes Lot, Considers New Uses

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The parking lot between Risley Hall and the Thurston Avenue bridge that was built to accommodate the bridge replacement, Physical Sciences and Milstein Hall projects, will close on the night of Dec. 2.

According to Senior Director of Facilities Operations Joseph Lalley, transportation services is working with the Campus Planning Office and Facilities Engineering to evaluate options for the site, which was meant to be a temporary parking location. The goal, he said, is to have a recommended purpose for the space by mid-December.

One idea currently under consideration, according to Lalley, is to transform the area into a green space with a smaller rest area for drivers and visitors to view a campus map. Also being considered is building a information booth in the area, such as the ones located along Hoy Road, Campus Road and Tower Road. These booths allow people to purchase parking permits and obtain informational materials such as campus maps and brochures.

Despite proposals of converting the area to a green space, Lalley said there is a possibility that the area will remain a parking lot.

Once a recommendation is made for what to do with the space, the project team will consult with the Campus Planning Office, the University Assembly Infrastructure Committee and the Campus Planning Committee, according to Lalley.

Lalley said this project will require approval by the University Architect, Capital Funding and Priorities Committee, and the Building and Properties Committee of the Board of Trustees. If the decision to keep the area as a permanent parking lot is made, further approval from the city and from Cornell must also be obtained.

Original Author: Elaine Lin