January 29, 2012

Arts Around Ithaca: Week of Jan. 30

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Louis Hyman Reads from Borrow

In celebration of his newest book Borrow: The American Way of Debt, ILR assistant professor and historian Louis Hyman will make an appearance at Buffalo Street Books in the Dewitt Mall. On Thursday, listeners will have the unique opportunity to hear Hyman share excerpts from his critically acclaimed book, which explores the phenomenon of consumer borrowing and its effect on the current state of our economy. Featuring personal accounts from individuals affected by consumer borrowing, this event is sure to intrigue readers of Hyman’s work and economic enthusiasts.

Emancipator at CastawaysCastaways’ Friday evening is sure to be packed full with remarkable sensations of rolling wonky, wompy waves and alternating timbre tides all around, riding up and down the spines of Ithaca’s vibrant electronic music tribe when trip-hop act Emancipator, along with supporting artists Little People and Natasha Kmeto, hit the stage.  Emancipator gained worldwide notice when one of his tracks slipped under the nose of the prolific Japanese trip-hop producer Nujabes.  Since then, Emancipator has gone to open up for chillout maven Bonobo, hit the road with Bassnectar, and close out for the electronica jam band Sound Tribe Sector 9.  Start the weekend right with the perfect dose of ethereal harmonies.

Dreaming of TimbuctooThe History Center in Tompkins County, Cornell University and Ithaca College collaborate to produce the Ithaca exhibition of Dreaming of Timbuctoo. The exhibit fleshes out an obscure case of civil rights history. Back in 1846, around 3,000 African American men were granted sufficient land for voting rights in New York State. The Madison County philanthropist Gerrit Smith coordinated this controversial step in abolition. Dreaming of Timbuctoo partners with John Brown Lives! to stage this exhibit, and it begins this Saturday, and runs until February 21st.

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad at CastawaysReggae favorites Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad return to Ithaca’s Castaways Saturday night to spread heady vibes and promote their upcoming release Country, due this Tuesday. The Rochester-based crew is no stranger to the Ithaca community, formerly frequenting Castaways, Trumansburg’s annual Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance and shaking the floors of the Thumpty mansion during rush week 2010.  Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad has never failed to deliver a powerful punch of American spiked reggae. The band’s name speaks truth about the potency of their musical blend.

Original Author: Sun Staff