February 26, 2012


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If you’ve ever been a freshman on North Campus, chances are you’ve spent a fair amount of your Sundays brunching at RPCC. With dreaded work and commitments ahead of us, most flock to breakfast, schmooze with friends and take far too many strolls around the dining hall’s curves, ostensibly searching for food (but more likely wasting away time). For me, a late riser, Sunday at RPCC is one of the only times during the week that I am able to enjoy breakfast at all. However, I have grown tired of that endless line for pancakes and could definitely use a change from the too-thin omelets that struggle to hold my ingredients together. So last Sunday, I decided to put my coveted Big Red Bucks to the test and cook up an alternative brunch.I marched into Nasties, scanning the aisles for potential breakfast ingredients. As Bear Necessities truly provides only the bare necessities, I wandered around for several minutes, empty-handed and losing hope. Nevertheless, I eventually found what I was looking for: eggs — real eggs that I could crack and cook myself. I proceeded to purchase a carton of eggs, two eight-ounce blocks of cheese (Monterey Jack with Jalapeno and Sharp Cheddar) and a package of deli-style ham. I went back to Jameson’s fourth floor kitchen and began concocting a meal. I whisked together three eggs and some chopped-up ham and cheese and proceeded to scramble them together in my pan. After a quick run back to RPCC to pick up some fruit and a toasted bagel with my meal swipe, I found myself rewarded with a fairly substantial and delectable-looking breakfast. Scrambled eggs with cheese is one of the most appealing morning combinations on this earth, and when married to a little spice and deli meat and laid down on bread, I daresay a wonderful thing is born! With fluffy eggs perched pleasantly atop bagels and freshly cut bananas and apples on the side, I sat with my paper plate, happily digging into my feast.  After lingering for a few minutes to wallow more fully in my meal, it dawned upon me that dessert was in order. On this fortuitous Sunday morning, the two cutest Girl Scouts were stationed just inside the doors of RPCC selling their famed cookies. When I see Girl Scouts, only one thing comes to mind: Thin Mints. I don’t personally know anyone who does not drool over those perfectly crisp, minty and chocolatey creations. I had purchased several boxes of Thin Mints on my initial foray into RPCC, and before delving into the first sleeve of cookies I realized that whipping up an ice cream sandwich was the next appropriate action. After smushing a generous scoop of  Ben and Jerry’s (also found at Nasties) between two cookies and putting my masterpiece in the freezer for ten minutes, I marveled at my glorious treat. Cold and minty, the cookies crumbled in my mouth, complementing the luxurious creaminess of peanut butter ice cream. I highly recommend this, but only if you enjoy getting your mind blown!

Although our limitations and boundaries often seem confining here, tucked away on North Campus, there is always a way to eat well. I am left with an oversupply of cheese and a minor brain freeze, but with clean plates and a smiling face I can hardly complain.

Original Author: Carolyn Scheinberg