March 28, 2012

21 Answers With Women’s Hockey

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Sun Staff Photographer Tina Chou traveled with the women’s hockey team to the Frozen Four and back.  On the bus ride there, she put down her camera (but not really) and asked them all the same question.

“If you were on a deserted island and could only have one teammate with you, who would it be and why?”

Well, I mean … it’s pretty much going to be fun with anybody on our team to be trapped on an island, I mean, if I were in that position. But I guess I’d have to say Jill Saulnier because, well, one: she’s my best friend so I think it’d be pretty amazing to be stranded there with her and we’d have a ball anyways and we’d find a way to make the most of whatever situation we were in and probably find a way to survive hopefully and make our way out of it? I don’t know. But yeah, she’s a great friend of mine and we have a lot of good times together so I guess that’d be my answer to that one.              — Jessica Campbell, Sophomore Forward

[laughs] Umm … well… [laughs] I feel like I would probably pick … I don’t know … Whitey (Catherine White) ‘cause we would talk about everything and we have like [laughs] a lot of the same tastes, like good music, and I love to dance so we would dance and she loves to dance too. And I feel like we would just chill on the beach in our bathing suits and our bikinis the whole time and dance … and dance … and eat, I don’t know. And talk, talk a lot. Yeah. [pause] And she’s just sitting right there so I just thought of her [laughs].               — Olivia Cook, Sophomore Forward

Um, I would choose [Brianne] Jenner. Because I’m not really confident in any of our team’s like, survival skills. I’m not sure if we have any like … real hunter-gatherers so … I figure like, if I’m gonna die, I’d rather just die with my best friend.              — Hayleigh Cudmore, Sophomore Defenseman

I would choose Chelsea Karpenko. Uh … just knowing her over a couple years we’ve really grown into being great friends and we know each other so well and … I know with her there will never be a dull moment and no matter what we’d always find a way to survive and … it’d just be a great time.             — Laura Fortino, Junior Defenseman

Not sure… [laughs] There’s like so many options. I think I would have to pick either Kenny [Kendice Ogilvie] or [Monika] Leck because Kenny is a big farm girl so she could just like cook me up some animals or something and then Leck’s hilarious and there’s never a dull moment when you’re with that kid. She’s really funny. So one of those two, I can’t decide.             — Emily Fulton, Freshman Forward

[laughs] I’m gonna give a kind of encrypted answer here, um … Jessica Campbell. Because, um… I could look into Jesse’s eyes everyday.             — Erin Barley-Maloney, Senior Forward

Mazz [Amanda Mazzotta] because she would definitely know how to get around and what she was doing and I would be completely lost so I would definitely choose her.             — Xandra Hompe, Junior Forward

I guess whoever would be the most resourceful but I don’t know if we’d be able to survive? So maybe Slobo [Slebodnick] ‘cause it would be okay to die with her? I feel like she would be really chill and we could go out in style.             — Brianne Jenner, Sophomore Forward

Oh jeez. Um … I’d probably say Whitey [Catherine White] I guess, because we’re probably the closest. I’m really close to her on the team so it’d just be kind of a lot of fun just to get to hang out and that kind of thing ‘cause I guess there’d be nothing else to do, right?             — Rebecca Johnston, Senior Forward

If I was on a deserted island … um … I would probably have to go with Kenny [Kendice Ogilvie]. She knows how to like, kill animals and stuff because she’s grown up on a farm and I feel like she’s done that for fun her whole life so we would never starve. Um … maybe I could take care of shelter or something, but I feel like food would be a big worry, but with Kenny around it probably, you know, it’d put me a little more at ease. I’d feel like we’d be okay.             — Chelsea Karpenko, Senior Forward

I’ll pick Katelyn [Pippy] because she’s vegan and probably couldn’t eat anything on the island so I could eat it and I don’t really care for her so if I got really hungry I could probably kill her and eat her for food. [bus erupts in laughter]             — Monika Leck, Freshman Forward

Well, I think I would bring Pratt ‘cause she worked for P. Diddy so I’m kind of hoping that he could come and get us off the island. No but seriously, I’ve never seen Pratt not accomplish something that she needed to accomplish so [laughs] I would put my life in her hands to get me off the island.              — Amanda Mazzotta, Senior Goaltender

Hmm … [thoughtful pause] … Okay, I would have … Kenny [Kendice Ogilvie] because she knows how to hunt and she’s very resourceful in that way so I feel like she could provide food for us [laughs].             — Amanda Young, Senior Defenseman

[Lauren Slebodnick walking by “I can fish.”] Can you, Slobes? Slobey can fish so I— wait, I’m a vegetarian, um … [laughter] so that’s kind of a problem. I think that if I was on a deserted island maybe I would eat fish so I’d, you know, Slobes says she can fish, so I think that we’d have fun. Um, we could do some goalie training you know … and fish is so high in protein … Yeah, and I think that Slobes’ Helga persona would come out and she would go get us some water or something and get us off the island, so yeah. [bus bursts into laughter]             — Katelyn Pippy, Freshman Goaltender

Um … [pause] I’d feel like … it might be … Karps? Just because we get along together really well because sometimes we have fights but sometimes we get along. It’s just from working with her on all our schoolwork and everything, we’ve learned to tolerate slash annoy each other. So I think together, we could pretty much conquer anything. So, it’d be fun.             — Stephanie Pratt, Team Manager

Um … I’m gonna have to say … [long pause] Jess Campbell because … she’s my best friend. And I would know that we’d just be ridiculous and if you’re on a desert island you might as well be ridiculous and just dance like crazy and … do absolutely wild things and … that’s who I’m sure I would have such a good time with.             — Jillian Saulnier, Freshman Forward

Really? Um … I don’t like to choose teammates, I would definitely bring everybody, but I would definitely have to go with my girl Tino [Laura Fortino]. Because we just have a good bond, we’ve been friends since freshman year, with Xandra we were only three freshmen, so we have this special bond and we live together and we’re roommates so … if we do something that we know annoys the other person, then we don’t do it so we know how to live well together. And … yeah that’s probably why.             — Lauriane Rougeau, Junior Defenseman

Um, whenever I answered this question before, it would always be the Overguards [Amber and Karlee] ‘cause they know like everything out in the wilderness that you would need to know but … um, I don’t know. Probably Becca [Rebecca Johnston] because then I could just … we are best friends on the team and stuff so … yeah. [laughs]             — Catherine White , Senior Forward

Um … I think … [laughs] … Cookie [Olivia Cook]. Uh … I don’t think many of the girls have good instincts but since I think … Cookie is one with the Earth, she’s the closest person I have whose instincts would be key in helping us survive [laughs] … so I would pick Cook. And I enjoy her company. [laughter]             — Lauren Slebodnick, Sophomore Goaltender

[laughs] This is a good one. Um … yeah … This is a hard one. I think … I would have to take someone that would really know like, how to survive. I feel like [laughs] um … I feel like … Gags [Alyssa Gagliardi] would be a good person just because she really would, uh, put the work in and make a good shelter and I feel like I could go fishing with her and [laughs] she’s fast, so you know she could catch the rabbits and all the food and everything. She’s agile, she can climb trees. I’m assuming she can climb trees … Um, yeah. [laughs] I just think she would be a very good, uh … Ally to be on an island with. Yeah. [laughs]             — Kendice Ogilvie, Senior Forward

I would choose, uh, Emily Fulton because … She … She has crazy eyes so I feel like she’d be able to, I don’t know. She has a little temper on her too, so I feel like she’d be able to fight all the wild animals or something for us and get us some food [laughs]. And we wouldn’t go hungry at least. [laughs]             — Alyssa Gagliardi, Sophomore Defenseman

Original Author: Tina Chou