March 28, 2012

OVERHEARD: The Best of St. Patty’s, Dragon Day and Seth Meyers

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Someone Aged Well…

Boy: “He looks like he is 76, not 19. He’s like Benjamin Button, or something.”

-Arts Quad

Wear It Well

Girl 1: “Why is she wearing a Star Wars hat?”

Girl 2: “She’s probably ugly…”

– Ivy Room

Dragon Day

Student: “The phoenix is supposed to be a sexy-ass bird!”

TA: “I don’t even want to know…”

Student: “I stand by my statement!”

-Thurston Hall

Take a Knee

Tebow Fan: “Boy, Jesus really let you down, Tebow. What happened?”

-Outside of Goldwin Smith



Seth Meyers: “Who, me? Why would she want me to take off my pants? I’ll tell you, that behavior is NOT suitable for Bailey Hall…”

-Bailey Hall

Say What?

Professor: “Any confusion?”

Student: “Yeah… the FUCK’S going on…??”

-Olin Hall

Where in the world?

Tipsy Boy: “Guess where I would rather be on St. Patty’s Day?”

Girl: “Where?”

Tipsy Boy: “St. Boston… what?”


The True Meaning of Fun

At the Grill: “Just because we don’t have real buns doesn’t mean we can’t have real fun.”

Across the Kitchen: “The man speaks the truth!”

-Fraternity Kitchen

Weekend Update

Seth Meyers: “We are a nation of fucking bitches. We are impossible to fucking govern.”

-Bailey Hall

Mary Theresa Condosta is a sophomore in the College of Engineering. She can be reached at [email protected] Overheard appears Thursdays.

Original Author: Mary Theresa Condosta