August 24, 2012

Remaining Half of The Cataracs Will Take Arts Quad Stage After Band Splits

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Students looking forward to this evening’s free concert on the Arts Quad by The Cataracs may be disappointed to learn the former duo has broken up, leaving only founding member Niles Hollowell-Dhar to perform Saturday at Cornell.

On Aug. 25, The Cataracs announced that the band was breaking up on its Facebook page. Still, the remaining half of the band will play after The Melker Project, Saturday’s opening act, exits the stage.

With the departure of David Benjamin Singer-Vine, “The Cataracs as of two weeks ago has taken a new form,” Hollowell-Dhar said.

“[Singer-Vine] informed us of a pretty big decision … the decision to follow his heart and put music down. At the time it hit me like a sack full of ‘what the fuck’ bricks,” Hollowell-Dhar said in the post. “Got it? Kinda intense, right?”

Hollowell-Dhar, the sole music producer of the former duo, will continue to create music. In the Facebook post, he seemed to indicate that despite its new composition, the band would not drop the “s” from its name.

“Whattup guys. I am The Cataracs,” he said in the Facebook post announcing Singer-Vine’s decision to leave.

According to Dave Rodriguez ’13, executive director of Cornell Concert Commission, the show will continue as of planned, with the exception of one missing Catarac.

Original Author: Lianne Bornfeld