August 30, 2012

Fashion Friday: Bespectacle Thyself

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This summer I needed new glasses. Badly. After inadvertently stepping on my beloved green ones last semester, I ran around campus with crooked frames perched on my nose. Once I arrived home I decided to shop around for a new pair but immediately encountered a major obstacle … the price. Ahem, I am a college student on a college student’s budget. I don’t have 260 bucks to blow on a pair of Elizabeth and James glasses no matter how drool worthy they are. The solution came from — as it usually does — the Internet.

Online eyestores have been stealthily multiplying, offering high quality eyewear with low prices and most importantly, awesome design. A few of them have been making quite the splash, replacing storefronts and slowly becoming go-to places. These stores don’t sacrifice quality or design for price by cutting out the middle man and manufacturing the glasses themselves. Most designers don’t actually produce their own frames, instead authorizing manufactures to do so. On top of that, they have pay distributors and thus increasing the cost of glasses tenfold.

I’ve compiled my three favorite online eyewear places, starting with:

So all my four-eyed compatriots trying to navigate the world of glasses, look no further than the internet for cute but reasonably priced pairs. Let me know how it feels when you buy your first frames at the fraction of the price you anticipated!

Original Author: Eleni Konstantopoulos