September 27, 2012

Mixology: Cider Plus Bourbon Equals Bliss

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The Brits had a phenomenal harvest tradition of wassailing — drinking an abundance of alcohol, singing and frolicking about in orchards every fall in hopes that the apple and pear trees will better prosper.

This weekend, I too will be drinking, singing and frolicking, in this case at Ithaca’s Apple Harvest Festival. The Harvest Fest is a mecca for agriculture lovers and food enthusiasts alike. With the crispness of fall setting in, there is nothing I’d rather spend my weekend doing than buying pounds upon pounds of apples, and maybe a cider donut or three.

This year, in addition to my usual slew of apples, apple butter and slice of apple crisp, I look forward to buying my hard cider (Bellwether’s  ‘Liberty Dry’ Hard Cider) and also some regular cider to make a fall cocktail.

When making a cidery drink with the extra oopmh, there are plenty of options. For me, it’s all about the spice and oak flavors. With Bourbon Whisky’s molassas, caramel, cinnamon, licorice and oak flavor profiles, I chose Bourbon as my liquor of choice.

After taste tasting some simple recipes for a cider concoction with my roommates, here is what I suggest for your fall cocktail pleasure:

Shake or mix it up and serve cold. Cheers!

Original Author: Audrey Boochever