October 3, 2012

Obama, Obama, Wherefore Art Thou Obama?

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Wednesday night’s debate in Denver was the first time President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney faced each other since the beginning of the campaign. The two men sparred on issues ranging from Medicare, the economy and whether or not the US is destined to become the next Spain. Even though all of these issues are of the utmost importance, the most notable part of the debate was Obama’s lack of charisma.

After a nearly twenty minute long search for a decent live stream of the debate, I snuggled into my couch, ready for an epic verbal sparring match. What I, and the rest of America, got was something tame in comparison to what we were hoping for. Maybe it was all the hype over the debate, or maybe it was the fiery stump speeches on the campaign trail that encouraged big thinking but all that hope was for naught.

Romney needed to come out ahead or at least match the President considering his recent missteps. Knowing what he had to do, Romney came out and was able to handle himself. That’s not surprising. The real shock came with President Obama’s subdued style of speech. At times he almost seemed to be rambling without getting to his point. This is so uncharacteristic of Obama since he’s been known as a master of rhetoric since his initial days in politics.

So the question is, where is the Obama we all came to know and expect? Did the debate’s conflict with his 20th wedding anniversary sap his energy? All in all this one can be chalked up as a win for Romney. This was the first debate but Obama could not afford to lose his spark just as Romney could not afford to screw up again. But lose his spark he did. Will he ever be able to find it? It’s possible but this debate will be talked about for some time, or at least until the next one rolls around. He has until October 16 to bring back the heat.

But I’m sorry Mr. President, you lost this round.

Original Author: Allisa Lindo