October 22, 2012

Home is Where the Tex-Mex Is

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Coming home for fall break means a lot of things. It might mean staying at Cornell and catching up on some homework, or making a trip with the girls to the city.  For me it means coming home to the great state of Texas, reuniting with my familia and eating the best Mexican food north of the border.

For having grown up in an Asian-American household, I have eaten more than my fair share of Mexican food and my move to Ithaca, though it has been great so far, has deprived me of this. So I came home to Texas with the intention that upon taking my first step on Texas soil, I would make up for lost time, and I did.

Where did I go? I went to Acapulco, the CTB of Corpus Christi. What did I order? Horchata and the Plato Nopalito, a delicious scrambled egg concoction with onions, tomatoes, cactus and ham and a side of homemade flour tortillas. I splattered some spicy green sauce on top of my eggs and went to town. You won’t get breakfast like this anywhere else and that’s a fact. It was heavenly, and in that moment my life was complete

I’ve been known to tell people, “If you’re not from Texas than I feel bad for you,” and while I am only half joking in these instances, I know that everyone has their own version of Tex-Mex that makes them feel at home, whether it is dim sum from Chinatown, chicken and waffles from Roscoe’s or legit curry from India. If you had the opportunity to go home this fall break I hope you got your grub on and enjoyed the foods of home. Tex-Mex for the win.

Original Author: Kay Xiao