November 18, 2012

The Dapper Man: Jackets On!

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The cold front of Cornell weather has officially hit. It’s all downhill from here, and you will need reliable jackets to withstand the ice-bound forecast. Jackets are relatively expensive, but finding a quality one is crucial. And, please, always remember to buy something that is FITTED! Too many times have I seen men with jackets that look bulky and ultimately unflattering. You don’t want to look like a little boy wearing your daddy’s clothing. Here are some outerwear looks that can brave any storm:

The Leather Jacket: Ah yes, the classic, badass leather jacket. It does not get any cooler than this. Leather jackets are ubiquitous in American culture, and they are unstoppable. Getting one in black is always a surefire, fashionable choice. Black matches everything and is great for formal events. Brown is also a good choice to differentiate yourself and your leather, but fair warning: it doesn’t match as much, and it’s not as sleek. In all my searching, Urban Outfitters has the best deals on great options like this. To maximize the warmth and style of your leather jacket, layer with a hoodie or cardigan underneath. However, some jackets actually do this for you by providing an insert.

The Puffy Jacket: I used to hate puffy jackets because of their fat impression, but I have since grown up and accepted them as a part of contemporary fashion for frigid temperatures. They are insanely warm (especially if you get down jackets), and they usually come in practically all colors (but please don’t buy any neon). Sports sites are usually the leaders in this particular field.  Because of the jacket’s big nature, they can have various stitching options like quilted, rectangular, horizontal and more. Nike has cool ones that range from $90 to $500, but Puma’s jackets are cheaper, clocking in at around $100 to $200.

The Pea Coat: There can’t be any other wool jacket that is as high-priority as a pea coat. The double-breasted look with the folded lapels is ah-maze-zing every time. For pea coats to feel the warmest and look the sexiest, the fit has to hug the body. When picking sizes, remember to keep in mind that you will probably layer underneath. Since pea coats look sharper and dressier than the average coat, keep the inside classy with a sweater or a dress shirt/tie combination. Nothing looks lazier on a winter morning than a pea coat over a T-shirt. Most major clothing lines have a pea coat or two on sale, and it isn’t particularly difficult to find one that fits your body type. Express (they have a 30% off on outerwear right now!) alone has a classic pea coat with XS to XL sizes available.

The Topcoat: Now, when I say topcoat, I mean a long coat that is meant to be worn over ALL of your other clothes, forming an impenetrable layer of cool (in appearance) and warm (in temperature). They should be slimming due to the fact that they are long enough to cover your entire torso and part of your thighs. Purchase one that goes down to the middle of your thighs so it doesn’t start to look too hardcore retro. Uniqlo keeps it simple, but elegant in their Chesterfield coats and wool blends.

With these styles, you can easily impress anyone, whether it be family members, best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or exes. The semester is wrapping it quickly, so leave a lasting impact on all those who see you at school and back at home. Stay chic and cozy this winter!

Eric Ding is a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences. He can be reached at [email protected] The Dapper Man appears alternate Mondays this semester.

Original Author: Eric Ding