January 28, 2013

Playlists for Any Occasion: Wait, It’s Summer, Right? Nah, Chill, It’s Winter

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Weather got you down? Is this week the first time you have ever witnessed frozen flakes of water descending from the heavens? Tired of wearing half of your wardrobe out every day of the week? Does the snow still have some of that childhood charm for you? Stuck in bed possessed by some demon named “Influenza”? Are you from Florida? Regardless – whether you are fully immersed by the enchanted aura of this crystallized campus of ours, or if you’ve already got your sights set on Spring Break (Ithaca is gorgeous and all, but Miami is hot), we’ve got a playlist for you.

So if you’re the type of person who built a snowman at the first opportunity and SnapChatted it to all your best friends from home, you may want to lose yourself in our own “wintery mix” (more clever, or lame?). Or maybe you’re just a realist. Whatever. The point is that our winter playlist is pretty sweet, and you should check it out.

But if you’ve had enough of trekking through the dark, evil, frozen tundra we were once foolish enough to believe was a learning institution, we’ve also provided a 35-minute escape. Our summertime playlist will make you feel as if you were lounging out on a beach with a nice cold one, surrounded by beautiful women (or men – I’m looking out for you, ladies) just to shatter your euphoric dreams of paradise with the astounding force of reality as soon as you have got to get yourself to the Engineering Quad.

Lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy,The Boogie Knights

Wait, it’s summer, right?

1. Hang Loose – Alabama Shakes2. The Sun (Acoustic) – Portugal. The Man3. West Coast – Coconut Records4. King of the Beach – Wavves5. Corona and Lime – Schwayze6. The Warmth of the Sun – The Beach Boys7. Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes8. Summer Home – Typhoon9. Sun Hands – Local Natives10. July, July! – The Decemberists

Nah, chill, it’s winter

1. South for the Winter – River City Extension 2. The North – Stars3. Valley Winter Song – Fountains of Wayne4. Can’t Feel My Face – Islands5. December 28th – Caveman6. Winter – Maps & Atlases7. Ragged Wood – Fleet Foxes8. White Days – The Lighthouse And The Whaler9. Sleet and Snow – My First Tooth

Original Author: Sarah Finegold