April 23, 2013

Big Red Ambition: #38: Go On a Wine Tour

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I seem to get a bit emotional every time I think about writing my last 161 blog, so let me begin by thanking the lovely Blogs Editor, Rachel Ellicott. I realized over the weekend that this post was going to be my last, and after an awkward almost-cry when I was out to dinner with my parents, I decided I wasn’t above begging Rachel to let me write one more post (after this one) before I graduate. She took pity on me, and I am immensely grateful that I can stave off my tears until next week. Side note: as sad as I am to have to stop writing this blog, I am so excited that my successor is Samantha Weisman. She’s my Littlex2 in my sorority and is an all-around awesome girl, and I am super amped to read about all of her adventures. But before I pass on the reigns, I figured it was time to talk about #38 (Go on a wine tour).

I feel like wine tours are the hidden wonders of the Cornell experience. When you hear the words “wine tour” you think of sundresses, sun and lots and lots of wine. There is literally nothing not to love about a wine tour. It’s basically the best part of a Passover Seder (four glasses of wine), but you replace the icky matzah with yummy cheese. And who doesn’t love cheese? Perfection.

Over winter break, my mom was talking to my brother (Ross Freilich ’09 – I hope you are happy with the amount of shout outs you’ve received in the past few weeks) and me about wine tours. She was trying to figure out how they work and/or what they are, and the conversation went something like this:

Mom: So what do you do on wine tours?

Ross: You go to wineries, and you drink

Mom: Jaime, you too?

Me: Yep.

Mom: But isn’t that boring?

Ross: Does it sound boring to you?

Mom: So you just drink?

Me: Yes. Oh, and we take pictures too.

Anywho, wine tours are the best. Everyone could and should go on at least one in their college experience. I have been on six during my four years on the hill – and it’ll be seven by the time I graduate. Plus two unofficial “lawn wine tours;” snaps for day drinking.

So I’m going to completely switch gears reallll fast because I just realized that Slope Day is next week! Yay!!! I hope everyone is as excited for Hoodie Allen as I am! But, I just wanted to give a few pointers for all of you people who will be attempting to check off #21 (Bury a bottle of Bacardi on the Slope. Dig it up on Slope Day).

Do: Head to the slope late at night

Don’t: Wear bright colors; you need to blend in with the darkness

Do: Use a shovel (I used an ice cream scooper, and though it’s a funny digging tool, it was not the most fun to dig with)

Don’t: Pour your alcohol into water bottles (sounds a bit counterintuitive because you can’t drink out of a Bacardi bottle on the Slope on Slope Day, but you want whatever you’re burying to have a sealed top so as to avoid any bacterial contamination)

Do: Horde as many water bottles as possible once you are on the Slope to pour your alcohol into after you dig it up

Don’t: Forget where you buried your alcohol….rookie mistake, super awkward


Okay, that’s all for now. Enjoy end-of-semester wine tours, get excited for Slope Day and you stay classy, Cornell.

And for the mystery commenter who has been nagging me to write about #1, next week will be my last post ever sooo….yeah.

Original Author: Jaime Freilich