May 2, 2013

Fashion Friday: A Fashionable Finale

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I know today is the day you all hoped would never come … a Friday you’ve been absolutely dreading. Alas, though, it is the last Fashion Friday of the year. And, yeah, none of you are reading this because you’ve been engaging in Slope Day “activities” since probably 6 AM this morning. It’s OK, I’m not (that) offended. You can all read this with a hot cup of coffee and a bottle of aspirin tomorrow morning (or whenever you wake up).

Somehow, I made it through my first year at Cornell without sacrificing my gothic, black-obsessed wardrobe or screaming every time I saw a puffy parka (though I was tempted many, many times). I even allowed myself to indulge in the donning of sweats in public once in a while, if only when checking the mail downstairs in my dorm. And, much to my surprise and delight, I found a very active fashion community here. Yes, the majority of sightings on the slope include students casually rocking sneakers and unfortunate, albeit warm ensembles, but there are individuals and certainly student organizations at Cornell that rival any fashionistas I found during my time at NYU. That was certainly apparent last weekend at the 29th annual CFC Fashion Show. I mean, I’d been around many of the designers all year, and even still I had no clue just how much talent existed around this school. Like, I don’t wanna pull a Lindsay Lohan, but I’m not above stealing some of those stunning ensembles I saw strutted down the runway: anything in the name of fashion. But don’t actually use that excuse if you’re ever actually caught shop-lifting. It won’t hold up well in court.

Today I have no specific stylistic guidelines to tell (*scream at) you — well, not really. I imagine you’re all in Slope Day tank tops, matching your sorority or fraternity or law labor crew or hotel mafia. Shorts are probably the thing, too, since it is hot (right? I’m writing this days before, so knowing Ithaca, it’s probably snowing). After you take a mid-day nap (*pass out), I’d recommend changing. You probably sweat heavily while (poorly) rapping along to Kendrick and Hoodie, and God knows what you spilled on yourself during your various pregames. Ew. Put on something cute and summery and continue with your immensely-earned Slope-Day-Friday fun.

This weekend, go all out for your formals because, let’s face it, you will look homeless during the study period and following week of exams. Bask in the delight of dress up while you can, my friends. And, after you finally make it through exams (IF you make it through, that is), go home and get some summer staples for your closet! Or just rock a bikini 24/7 and call it seasonally appropriate. Whatever, I won’t be there to criticize you for any fashion faux-pas, so do as you please … but I will be back for the fall semester (first time I can say that! #transferlife), ready to reprimand, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Original Author: Meghan Flynn