September 19, 2013

Fashion Friday: Let’s Paint the Town (Big) Red

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It’s here! It’s here! Homecoming weekend has arrived! And since we are pretty much the most athletic school in America, this weekend is VERY important for us. Was that sentence dripping with sarcasm? Nooo. But really, we are quite spirited here at Cornell, regardless of athletic ability. That means that I’m actually going to allow those Big Red balls of fabric (tee-shirts, sweatshirts, yada) to come out to play. However, there’s more to Homecoming weekend than just the football game; heck, I didn’t stay for more than 10 minutes last year, to be honest. You see, I needed to take a nap before Avicii, plus it was raining, plus I don’t know anything about football besides the fact that top model Gisele Bündchen is married to an attractive quarterback. But, yeah, don’t follow my poor example: go to the game.

It’s true, though — this weekend is one full of various fun events, and I’m going to guide you through the looks you should rock in order to look your very best so that you can have a Big Red ball of fun.

1. Friday Night: I don’t know if you’ve been donning red all week to show your school spirit; I’m currently wearing all black (shocker), but to each his own. However, tonight there should be some fun events. Go watch the fireworks, or hit up one of the 300 parties in C-town and raise a toast to the Big Red Bear! Whatever. Tonight you don’t need to look spirited, just look good. And don’t stay out too late, or dedicate too many drinks to “school spirit,” because I expect you to rage all day and night, and to commit fully to rocking red the next day.

2. Saturday: Game day! Tailgates! Afternoon naps (let’s be honest)! Many of you are in sororities or frats, and I expect you’ll have specific tees and accessories to wear. Along with these shirts, rock cute denim cut-offs, weather permitting (REALLY couldn’t predict that for you), or else reach for a dependable pair of jeans. Snapbacks or baseball caps — backwards, please — are always cute choices as well. Plus, they will shade you if the elusive sun decides to show. To those non-greek guys and gals, it’s up to you to paint the town — err, campus — red. Homecoming tees! Cornell caps! FACEPAINT! Go nuts, because it’s our day to show how much we kind of sort of love our school. Plus, I’m never going to be this generous with permitting you to wear Cornell clothing again; at least until next year.

3. Saturday night: Third Eye Blind … well, I won’t be going to that (I have too short of an attention span for 99% of concerts), but I’m assuming a bunch of you are, so I’d say jeans, boots and a pretty-but-casual top is your best bet. A mini-dress with a jean or leather jacket would do the trick as well. Just be casual, okay? This ain’t Avicii round 2, so showing up in neon is a no-no. For those of you not going to the concert (like moi!), the look will probably be similar to Friday night, though you might be a little worse for wear after the long day of raging. Your best accessories tonight will be a cute handbag holding under-eye concealer.

4. Sunday: Sweats, sunglasses, venti Starbucks black coffee.

There you have it. This weekend is going to be a blast, as long as you pace yourself and prepare to purge all the red clothing you’ve had pent up in your wardrobe if you, like, have any at all (help me). Lose your voice at the homecoming game shouting for our team since this will probably be the only game you’ll go to all semester, lose your dignity in the amount of spirit you show in your physical appearance (like I said before — FACEPAINT) and lose your mind at Third Eye Blind! Just kidding on that one, but, hey, have a nice time jamming out. Most importantly, take this weekend to appreciate the fact that we have a pretty great school. Oh, and be wary of the Big Red Bear. He gets REALLY into Homecoming weekend and will likely try to hug you. Proceed at your own risk.