September 22, 2013


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Jessica Goldman ’17 makes a plea to increase the size of our caffeine buzz on campus.Dear fellow under-caffeinated Cornellians,

If you are like me and come from a town with three Starbucks on one block, then you may see why I find these campus cafes a tad disconcerting.

I stopped by Libe this morning on my way to class feeling a little bit more tired than I usually am after my first cup of coffee.

“LARGE iced coffee,” I asked the woman behind the counter. She smiled at me and then proceeded to hand me a Dixie cup filled with ice…

But like, what?

On Long Island, when I get a large iced coffee, I need two hands to hold it. They actually wrap the thing in plastic because it’s so hard not to spill. Once I’m done with it, I’m adequately caffeinated for a long day of putting up with annoying, academic people. It’s infinitely harder to do that with half the caffeine, trust me.

Some doctors and other irritating people like your grandma will tell you to minimize your caffeine intake because it’s a drug. But come on, you’re a Cornell student, you have more to worry about than that.

I spent the summer in Europe where the closest thing I got to iced coffee was a hot cappuccino with a glass of ice on the side. No thanks, ice melts. Europe is fabulous and all, but iced coffee is not something I’m willing to compromise on.

Hear that, Ithaca?

And so, I propose a petition to increase the size of the coffee cups on campus by at least 200%.

Until next time,

The girl you saw this morning holding two coffee cups