October 3, 2013

Must-Have Apps Pt. 1

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As the first round of prelims are upon us (unfortunately), it’s official that the school year is underway. While preparing for winter, we at The Sun office have thought of a few apps to help you through your time at Cornell.

In no particular order:

1. Blackboard App

What do I need to do for that problem set again? What chapters are due for class today? If you constantly ask yourself these questions, you need the Blackboard App. It’s free, so you might as well get it and give yourself the peace of mind.

2. Cornell Dining App

Never run out of BRBs again! You can check your balance, add money and see your most recent transactions on the go! Even better, IT’S FO FREE. So, why not get it? You will never have to worry about whether you can afford a Terrace salad ever again.

3. ResCUer

Developed by four current Cornell students, including our own Emma Court ’15, Sun city editor, this app is extraordinarily helpful. Even if you do not have an emergency (which I hope you don’t!), you can find numbers for cabs, or insert certain numbers in your phone to call a friend. It is also free to download.

4. Parkmobile

If you do not have a parking permit (like me), this app allows you to park on campus and not have to worry about lugging your quarters around (save them for laundry instead). Many of the parking lots on campus take this, including CC Lot, B Lot and University and Stewart. All you have to do is put in your car information, credit card and the rest is taken care of! It even gives you a warning when your time is almost up. And again, it’s for free!

5. Ride14850

Although mostly important for freshmen and those with classes at the Vet School (I am so sorry), the Ride14850 App is a godsend. This gives you the TCAT schedule and can tell you when the next bus is coming to your current location. If you do not have this, get it immediately and join the #tcatnation. As of about a month ago, it’s not free, but sh** it’s worth the 99 cents.

6. Google Drive/Dropbox

Both are excellent if you forget your laptop at home and need to get a document on the run, or have to check something and aren’t near a computer. They are both free, so what do you have to lose?

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to make connections with people, and essentially stalk their lives. So why not make it easy on yourself and get it in a separate app on your phone? IT’S FREE. COME ON. (See also: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat).

8. GrubHub App

I have nothing to say, really, except who doesn’t want the convenience of ordering food on their phones? It’s so easy! AND FREE! You can get all of your favorite foods right to your house/apartment/dorm/etc., including Wings Over Ithaca, Taste of Thai Express and Plum Tree. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

9. Wegmans App

If you spend as much time at Wegmans as I do, then this will be indispensable to you. However, if you like roaming the aisles aimlessly, you will not be a huge fan. You put in your shopping list, and it tells you where each item is located, streamlining your shopping experience. It also gives you recipes! And — you guessed it — it’s free to download.

10. Cornell Daily Sun App

Get your Cornell and Ithaca news on the go. Even if you don’t like reading, it’s hard not to skim through and be informed. Though this is coming from a Sun blog, from a Sun staff member… but whatever, it’s fine. And it’s free.

We hope this list of apps improves your quality of life, and doesn’t take up too much data on your phone. But come on, 10 apps and you only have to pay for one of them? Pretty sweet deal.