October 21, 2013

The Dapper Man: Watchmen

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Nowadays, watches can be considered obsolete. By now, everyone who cares about keeping time has a phone (or similar mobile device) that shows the time with the press of a button. Even better, phones update automatically when in a different time zone, a feature that is disappointingly absent in watches. Nonetheless, there is something old-fashioned, but timeless and mature in carrying a timepiece. Watches are that one piece of men’s jewelry (yes, MEN’S jewelry) that can perfectly accent an outfit and remain manly. Here are some of the most popular watch brands/styles.

The Timex Weekender

Two members of my fashionable dance team possess Timex Weekenders. The main strengths of Timex Weekenders are  its simplicity and its options. You can have either a black or a white clockface, either a full-size or a mid-size case, and tons of nylon strap options. The clockface has large, bold numbers, distinct minute marks, and a polished silver case color. The strap can easily be interchanged with another one, so this watch can constantly be modified to fit different seasons and different outfits. They are without a doubt a great investment, clocking in at $45 dollars or under a pop.

The Nixon Time Teller

I personally had a white and black Nixon Time Teller watch back in freshman year, and I absolutely loved it. The clock face is the epitome of straightforward. On the clock face, there are just line marks to signify the hours, and a small “NIXON” where the “3” hour should be. This watch comes in every color imaginable, and the design of the watch as a whole is simple and bold. The watch is unapologetically rubber, silicone, and polycarbonate, which achieves a shiny gloss all around.And what’s more, the movement of the clock arms are Miyota Japanese quartz. A Nixon Time Teller will clock in at $60 – $65 dollars each.

The Fossil Leather Dress Watch

One of my good friends will only purchase watches from Fossil because of the classiness of the clock cases and the earthiness of the leather straps. Fossil watches are just a bit more complex, with additional clock faces to denote the day of the week, the date, or the seconds within the original clock face. Fossil watches can either represent the hours with line marks, numbers, or if you want to get really fancy, roman numerals. Additionally, many Fossil leather dress watches comes with a slight cream tint to the background color of the clock face instead of a traditional white. This cream tint complements the brown of the leather very nicely. These watches opt for a higher price tag: generally from $100 to $140.

The Bulova Steel Dress Watch

Steel watches are definitely a fashion staple, and they usually imply a wealthy status. Steel watches by nature are more expensive than other types of watches because of the quality metals involved. Rolex, Audemars and most other high-end steel watch companies price their excellent watches as anywhere upwards of $7,000. However, college kids most likely can’t afford something like that, not even here at an Ivy League institution. Luckily for you, Bulova is not only a trusted watch company, but they also sell steel watches at a much lower price: around $199 to $400. This price is still quite hefty, but if you plan on getting a steel watch that can last, Bulova’s price range is definitely worth it. You can get your steel watch in a gold or silver tone, but they look shiny and expensive either way. Bulova even has mechanical watches that are powered perpetually by your body’s natural movements. There is no battery or electricity needed. Mechanical watches do cost more though, being generally $500 to $600.

Some say you can judge a man by his watch. Make sure your watch shows the kind of man you are.